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Trade log August 2018: Lithium

By Martim Facada
Published: Friday, 10 August 2018

The trade log for battery-grade lithium carbonate in China including trades, bids and offers reported to Metal Bulletin.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are per tonne on an ex-works China basis. Delivered prices are netted back.
Industrial Minerals prices

Click here for Industrial Minerals’ price assessment for lithium carbonate min 99.5% Li2CO3 battery grade, spot price range, ex-works China, yuan per tonne.

Industrial Minerals’ lithium trade logs are available on a weekly basis every Friday after the weekly spot market assessments concluded every Thursday between 3pm and 4pm London. As per our methodology, Industrial Minerals takes into account minimum lot sizes of 5 tonnes to capture the price in the Chinese domestic spot market.

The exchange rate according to on Monday August 6 was 100,000 yuan to $14,636.

Thursday August 9
Price assessed at 94,000-100,000 yuan per tonne

30 tonnes sold at 100,000 yuan
5 tonnes sold between 94,000-95,000 yuan
Offer between 95,000-100,000 yuan
Offer at 102,000 yuan (outlier)
Deal heard between 94,000-102,000 yuan
Deal heard at 90,000 yuan (outlier)
Prices indicated between 94,000-102,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 95,000-100,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 94,000-100,000 yuan
Price indicated at 100,000 yuan
Price indicated for lots of 10 tonnes between 94,000-95,000 yuan
Price indicated at 95,000 yuan
Priced indicated between 94,000-95,000 yuan

Thursday August 2
Price assessed at 94,000-102,000 yuan per tonne

200 tonnes purchased at 95,000 yuan
5 tonnes purchased between 94,000-95,000 yuan
50 tonnes sold at 102,000 yuan
20 tonnes sold between 100,000-102,000 yuan
5 tonnes sold at 100,000 yuan
Offer at 85,000 yuan (outlier)
Deal heard between 90,000-96,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 101,000-105,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 98,000-105,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 95,000-100,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 95,000-100,000 yuan
Prices indicated at 100,000 yuan
Prices indicated at 95,000 yuan
Prices indicated at 90,000 yuan (outlier)
Prices indicated between 80,000-90,000 yuan (outlier)

Learn more about Industrial Minerals’ lithium pricing methodology here and see the lithium price spotlight here.

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