• Summer holiday for agriminerals, no break for mineral sands IM August 2014

    Agrimineral demand recovery continues as flame retardant chemical price growth stutters; no gains in sight for mineral sands Read More

  • Diary Dates August 2014 IM August 2014

    Read More

  • Is there any room for additional fertiliser supply? IM August 2014

    Owing to its solid long term fundamentals, producers and juniors have been developing new fertiliser projects. But with recent developments, lower prices and uncertain demand, this is not a race that all will finish. Read More

  • China’s action to reform the rare earths market IM August 2014

    Following the WTO ruling against China’s rare earths export quotas, the country has started setting new policies to reform its domestic market, while formally appealing against the ruling. Yinjie Zhou, Yongjian Shi and Antonio Torrisi investigate the several strategies Beijing is considering to tackle environmental pollution and smuggling and push up prices. Read More

  • Carbon capture: the added values of mineral carbonation IM August 2014

    Although the global warming potential of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions has always been acknowledged by the scientific community and governments worldwide, CO2 has been historically undervalued in the market place, which did not encourage companies to reduce emissions. Read More

  • Speciality product prices outstrip mineral values in traditional volume markets IM July 2014 issue

    Antimony prices settle for summer months; Magnesia stabilises as spot market sleeps Read More

  • Diary Dates July 2014 IM July 2014 issue

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  • Mineral-based gas adsorbents: the halloysite example IM July 2014 issue

    Halloysite has found niche applications in a variety of industries, and one such example is the use of halloysite nanotubes for gas component adsorption. Read More

  • Shifting sands: substitution and expanding markets IM July 2014 issue

    Zircon and its derivatives face an uncertain future owing to competition from substitute materials, but where is additional demand expected to come from? Kasia Patel, Chief Reporter, investigates. Read More

  • Wollastonite: an important but controversial search for more sources IM July 2014 issue

    An increasing demand for wollastonite, both in existing and emerging new markets, is pushing companies to look for new resources of this rare industrial mineral. Antonio Torrisi, Reporter, investigates how exploration in North America faced opposition on the basis of environmental and legal issues, which could lead to operational delays and increasing costs. Read More

  • Latin America - a land of missed opportunity? IM July 2014 issue

    Latin America’s geology makes it a region with the potential to become a heavyweight in the global mineral industry. However, problems ranging from regulatory uncertainty to corruption and bureaucracy have historically prevented it from realising its immense potential, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, Editor, explains. Read More

  • IM Prices June 2014 IM June 2014

    Bold indicates price change from previous month (it may have changed more than once during the month). All prices are in US$ and quoted per tonne unless indicated. It is not possible to publish prices for all industrial minerals and grades in the space available, these pages comprise a selection of frequently traded minerals. For a wider range and more detail on mineral prices, we refer you to Price Listing on www.indmin.com. For any information, or to make a comment on prices, please contact our Prices Editor Laura Syrett at lsyrett@indmin.com. Read More

  • Prices lag rising consumption in industrial markets while speciality grades look up IM June 2014

    Bauxite values stable following Q1 price rises; Paper grade kaolin prices increase as costs bite; Rutile “tough” business in China-led market Read More

  • Diary dates June 2014 IM June 2014

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  • Appraisal of Industrial Minerals in Turkey IM June 2014

    Turkey has an abundant variety of industrial raw materials and is in an ideal location to deliver high volume industrial minerals to European, Asian and African markets at competitive prices. Read More

  • Magnesia products under the radar IM June 2014

    Although refractory markets remain the staple of most magnesia production, CCM markets and fire retardants also offer up attractive opportunities. Read More

  • Burning up: A look at the deadburned magnesia market IM June 2014

    Vasili Nicoletopoulos takes a look at the global dead burned magnesia market with particular reference to the varying practices being undertaken by companies inside and outside of China. Read More

  • Oilfield minerals - a shifting landscape IM June 2014

    North American demand for oilfield minerals has never been stronger, but now other countries, such as China, are looking to increase their production of oil and gas from shale reserves. As a result, the global proppant and drilling mud industries are seeing changes in traditional supply chain patterns, exacerbated by new regulations and changes to product requirements, Emma Hughes, Deputy Editor and Nilima Choudhury, Chief Reporter, discover. Read More

  • IM Prices May 2014 IM May 2014 issue

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  • Opaque pricing poses diversity challenge for industrial minerals IM May 2014 issue

    Antimony falls as buying dives after Fanya listing; Bentonite and frac sand prices climb in US Read More

  • Charging ahead: what 2014 holds for lithium IM May 2014 issue

    After a game changing lithium-ion battery announcement hit the wires in February, lithium developments have come in thick and fast. As 2014 gets underway in earnest, Emma Hughes, Deputy Editor, looks at potential battery-grade lithium contenders. Read More

  • Lithium in Latin America IM May 2014 issue

    As lithium developments continue around the world, IM caught up with Juan Carlos Zuleta, a Latin America economist, to find out the latest from South America. Read More

  • Building blocks: calcium carbonate and the construction industry IM May 2014 issue

    Since the financial crisis, construction investment in many regions has been drastically cut. Kasia Patel, Senior Reporter, takes a look at the outlook for construction and where opportunities lie for calcium carbonate producers. Read More

  • Is there enough demand for new TiO2 feedstock producers? IM May 2014 issue

    IM Editor-in-chief, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, discovers the updates in the development of new titanium dioxide projects in Africa and Australia, and analyses them in light of the currently difficult market conditions experienced by main producers. Read More

  • Andalusite sees demand fire up in refractories IM May 2014 issue

    As conventional raw minerals for refractories are becoming scarcer and more expensive, Antonio Torrisi, Reporter, discovers how andalusite might meet more demand in refractory markets. Read More

  • IM Prices April 2014 IM April 2014 issue

    M takes price ideas and comments from many sources, which are used in strict confidence to ascertain pricing levels. If you would like to contribute and enhance our pricing coverage and comment, please Laura Syrett on lsyrett@indmin.com or +442078276419 Read More

  • Pricing sentiments diverge on downstream outlooks in March IM April 2014 issue

    Barite prices steady but strong on oilfield demand while TiO2 trends downwards in Europe during Q1 Read More

  • IM Diary dates April 2014 IM April 2014 issue

    Industry Events for the industrial minerals market Read More

  • The many ways of making graphene IM April 2014 issue

    There are several ways of producing graphene, only some of which make use of natural graphite, a process featured in the November 2013 issue of IM. Marko Spasenovic* discusses some of the other methods for making the carbon wonder material and why some are considered to be better than others. Read More

  • A growing market: vermiculite and perlite in horticulture IM April 2014 issue

    Reporter, Antonio Torrisi, and Senior Reporter, Kasia Patel, take a look at the uses of vermiculite and perlite in the horticultural industry. Read More

  • The Great Occasion IM April 2014 issue

    The Industrial Minerals Congress launched 40 years ago, in 1974, and was attended by over 400 delegates from 36 different countries. As we prepare for the 22nd Congress, which will be held in Vancouver this month, IM approached several industry leaders and asked each of them the same five questions to get their perspectives on how the market has changed. Siobhan Lismore-Scott, Editor Read More

  • Tesla’s battery super-plant intensifies spotlight on graphite and lithium IM April 2014 issue

    New US-based electric vehicle ‘Gigafactory’ could significantly increase battery lithium and graphite demand, Emma Hughes, Deputy Editor finds. Read More

  • Diary Dates March 2014 IM March 2014 issue

    Industry Events for the industrial minerals market Read More

  • Finland’s Keliber Oy looks set to acquire Rapasaari lithium deposit IM March 2014 issue

    Company moves to acquire project from GTK; eagle nesting may slow development Read More

  • GeoVista forges links with transport providers to open up Swedish mining IM March 2014 issue

    GeoVista outlines importance of rail network in report; supports other companies such as Nordic Mining in Norway Read More

  • Greenland critical of expert economic-independence report IM March 2014 issue

    There are rare earths, olivine and feldspar deposits on Greenland, but hopes for independence lie with Denmark Read More

  • Scandinavia’s graphene potential IM March 2014 issue

    Scandinavia is known for its iron ore deposits and fossil fuels, but it also holds vast amounts of graphite which could be used to develop a graphene industry in this exciting hub Read More

  • LKAB Minerals looks to sustainability IM March 2014 issue

    LKAB Minerals highlighted the issue of sustainability in refractories at a number of events in the last 12 months, emphasising the need for renewable energy and more recycling. Read More

  • Sorting industrial minerals with pattern recognition IM March 2014 issue

    Pattern recognition can be used to sort industrial minerals such as limestone, quartz, apatite, fluorspar, manganese ore, bauxite, barite, iron ore, chrome ore and coal. There are increasing calls for this in Scandinavia, as Dr. Jacek Kolacz, Comex AS, Norway, discusses. Read More

  • Norway’s mining strategy to attract exploration IM March 2014 issue

    The Norwegian government is seeking to attract miners to the country and has developed a strategy for the minerals industry to do this by promoting the country’s deposits and publicising the industries that are already in place and working. Read More

  • Rare Earths: US gets ready to cooperate IM March 2014 issue

    Several American junior mining companies are preparing to tap the country’s rich resources of these critical minerals. Antonio Torrisi, Reporter, discovers how the US is looking to compete with a 14-year long Chinese monopoly in the rare earths market. Read More

  • Refractory graphite: the large flake race IM March 2014 issue

    The drive for larger flake, higher quality graphite in refractories is pushing the industry towards reform, particularly in China. But raw material competition looms with the emerging battery industry. Read More

  • Canada Carbon vein graphite tests show nuclear potential IM March 2014 issue

    Graphite exploration company, Canada Carbon Inc. has reported the first in a series of laboratory results from its vein graphite Miller property, in Quebec, which shows the potential for new material to enter the nuclear industry. Read More

  • SUPPLY SITUATION REPORT: Potash: things can only get better IM March 2014 issue

    The potash industry has experienced its share of ups and downs over the last few years. Senior Reporter, Kasia Patel, takes a look at the highs and lows of 2013 and asks whether producers think this year will be any better. Read More

  • Chromite conundrum: how to bring demand back into an abating market IM February 2014 issue

    South Africa, the world’s leading producer of chromite, has seen its mining sector threatened by strikes and demonstrations since 2012, resulting in the death of 34 miners following clashes at a platinum mine. As calm returns to the sector, Antonio Torrisi, Graduate Reporter, investigates the nation’s chromite supply situation. Read More

  • IM Prices February 2014 IM February 2014 issue

    For any information, or to make a comment on prices, please contact our Prices Editor Laura Syrett at lsyrett@indmin.com. Read More

  • Chinese New Year fails to boost mineral markets IM February 2014 issue

    Fluorspar, iodine and lithium prices sink; Magnesia markets slow to pick up in January Read More

  • Africa – open for business? IM February 2014 issue

    Besides a long-envied geological resource abundance, Africa boasts many attractions for mining companies. Yet development has been hampered by political turmoil. Now, as much of the continent begins a concerted drive to increase investment in its mining sector, IM Staff take a look of some of the industrial mineral projects on the African horizon. Read More

  • Ceramics: an urban landscape IM February 2014 issue

    Despite slow growth in traditional markets such as Europe, the ceramics industry is expected to be driven by urbanisation and a rebound in housing and construction in key markets such as China and the Middle East, creating opportunities for suppliers of ceramic minerals such as kaolin, zircon and feldspar. Read More

  • Alumina and its many uses IM February 2014 issue

    Despite a well-documented fall in demand for alumina from the refractories market, other applications such as flame retardants and water treatment have remained stable. Read More

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