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  • China could see an oversupply in downstream lithium markets 29 June 2016

    Industry participants have warned the Chinese government to regulate its EV promotion by adjusting its target of 5m sales units in 2020, or risk heading into a battery oversupply situation. Lithium carbonate and spodumene producers meanwhile are struggling with their own expansions in order to supply China's growing battery output. Read More

  • Lithium and TiO2 markets in balance, says Morgan Stanley 29 June 2016

    In its latest Global Metals Playbook report, Morgan Stanley says that TiO2 feedstock trades have rebalanced, driven by positive developments in Chinese and US property markets, although the outlook for mineral sands prices remains flat. At the more desirable end of the commodity spectrum, lithium is at the forefront of battery demand being driven by EVs. Read More

  • Arafura cuts production targets for Nolans rare earth project 28 June 2016

    Australia-based rare earths junior Arafura Resources has made a number of adjustments to its Nolans Bore rare earths project following a review, including a reduction in output and a decrease in capex. Read More

  • Brexit: Future of R&D funding for mining sector uncertain 28 June 2016

    As confusion continues following the shock decision by the UK public to leave the EU last week, one area likely to be hit hard is research and development, where Brussels has traditionally provided significant levels of financial support. Government bodies have urged calm, however, and indicated nothing is likely to change in the short term. Read More

  • Emerge Energy divests fuels arm to focus on sand 28 June 2016

    The selling of Emerge Energy’s two fully-owned fuel businesses to Sunoco will allow the company to reduce its debt pile and focus its remaining resources on the core silica sand operation which supplies the US fracking sector. Read More

  • SQM opens new flank in CORFO arbitration proceedings 27 June 2016

    The protracted legal battle between South America’s largest lithium producer and the Chilean government has taken a new turn, with the miner planning to initiate a new set of proceedings that would take account of a lengthier timeframe, which it believes will clear it of charges. Read More

  • Brexit: Mineral companies in 'wait and see' mode after vote 27 June 2016

    As financial markets are thrown into turmoil by the UK’s decision to quit the EU, participants and observers in the mineral markets believe it is too early to say what impact the move will have on them. Read More

  • Zeolites could offer low-priced LED lightening solutions 24 June 2016

    Researchers in France and Belgium discovered a way to make low-cost phosphors using zeolites, which could have huge implications for the development of fluorescent and LED lighting. Read More

  • Price Briefing 17-23 June 2016 24 June 2016

    Future of European markets uncertain as UK votes to leave the EU; fluorspar prices experience further drops; chromite market stabilises; oil price holds barite steady. Read More

  • Barite prices bottom out after long decline 24 June 2016

    Following 18 months of steady price declines, industry participants believe that barite prices have bottomed out, sustained by oil prices of $50/bbl. Read More

  • Jiangmen city pushes development of rare earth battery cathodes 23 June 2016

    The southern Chinese city benefits from having large nearby deposits of heavy rare earths and being part of the Pearl River industrial trading hub, close to Hong Kong. The city’s government is looking to steal a march on growing demand for battery materials by establishing an industrial cluster for producing rare earth additives for lithium-ion technology. Read More

  • EU vote: Should I stay or should I go? 23 June 2016

    Brexit could fast track UK fracking and lift some of the stringent regulations imposed on the industry, while remaining in Europe might help the UK move towards more environmentally-friendly practices. Read More

  • China’s BYD forms lithium carbonate JV 23 June 2016

    The agreement between electric car maker BYD and salt producer Qinghai Salt Industrial Co. for the production of 30,000 tonnes lithium carbonate is part of BYD’s strategy to secure supply for its Li-ion batteries. Read More

  • US court rejects federal fracking rules 22 June 2016

    The court ruling is a blow to Obama’s plan for a clear regulatory framework for fracking practices in the US as he reaches the end of his second term in office. Read More

  • Black Rock Mining achieves 99% purity graphite from Tanzanian project 22 June 2016

    The ASX-listed company, which is developing the Mahenge graphite project in Tanzania, reported samples of 99% purity following tests conducted on large portion of flake graphite sourced from the mine. The company is now progressing spherical graphite test work to assess the materials potential for batteries. Read More

  • Xiamen Tungsten hangs onto profit and eyes NdFeB capacity expansion 22 June 2016

    Robust demand for permanent magnets from the electric vehicle, wind and appliances sectors have helped one of China’s leading vertically integrated rare earths producers to report healthy earnings for the first quarter of this year, despite the persistent gloom hanging over prices for the minerals, while Jiangxi province is looking to take advantage of this trend by tripling its magnetic materials output. Read More

  • Graphite One reports high discharge capacity on C-SPG coin cells 22 June 2016

    The TSX-V listed graphite exploration company has announced initial performance results on coin cells manufactured using its coated spherical graphite material, sourcing feedstock from its Graphite Creek Deposit. Read More

  • China launches Graphite Industry Development Alliance 21 June 2016

    China is looking to encourage investment in graphite as, despite becoming the world's leading producer, it still trails other more advanced countries in terms of processing and supply chain development. Read More

  • Rare earth stockpiling failure leaves prices low 21 June 2016

    Plans to boost prices via the Chinese government's stockpiling initiative have failed, leaving hopes for rare earth price rises pinned on demand increases in new and existing markets. Read More

  • Altech: HPA demand for Li-ion use to surge 21 June 2016

    The high-purity alumina (HPA) producer forecasts that the expected increase in HPA demand for battery applications further corroborates the economic viability of its Malaysian project. Read More

  • India partners with Namibia for energy minerals 20 June 2016

    India has extended its ties with Namibia to fulfil its mineral requirements for civil nuclear purposes. While the details regarding the agreement are vague, the deal is likely to involve the trade of other metallic and non-metallic minerals. Read More

  • Nalco and Midhani partner in lithium-aluminium alloy JV 20 June 2016

    India’s state-owned Nalco and Midhani are in talks to build a new lithium-aluminium alloy plants in Hyderabad. The alloy is used in battery and aerospace applications and can contain up to 2.34% lithium. Read More

  • Li-ion batteries: The road to recycling 20 June 2016

    Delegates at this year’s IDC Technologies’ Sydney Lithium Battery Conference heard that global battery recycling numbers are falling short of global targets. Cameron Perks, IM Correspondent, takes a look at why this is the case, how it can be managed and why battery recycling should be carried out. Read More

  • Nabaltec pins hopes on flame retardants and Asia 17 June 2016

    The speciality alumina and technical ceramics supplier sees slow pricing conditions persisting in its core ranges for the rest of the year as it keeps its focus on diversification and looks to expand its presence in Asia. Read More

  • India to pen new policy to boost rare earth exploration 17 June 2016

    The Government of India has decided to release a new policy framework to encourage private sector investment and exploration of its rare earth deposits via auctioning route. Read More

  • Let’s talk about mineral prices 17 June 2016

    The IM editorial team took to the stage at IM23 this year in Prague to discuss graphite, lithium, fluorspar and TiO2 prices. Read More

  • Price Briefing 10-16 June 2016 17 June 2016

    Lithium market participants point to price exaggeration; doubts cast over China’s TiO2 price hikes; fluorspar prices steady at low levels; decline in graphite continues. Read More

  • Syrah Resources raises A$194m for Balama graphite project 16 June 2016

    ASX-listed Syrah Resources has raised the funds required to complete its Balama graphite project in Mozambique despite cost projections which were revised upwards. Read More

  • IM23: Europe attempts to cut dependence on Chinese rare earths 16 June 2016

    Europe is finding ways to replace rare earths in the end-user chain and looking to develop new mines to reduce its dependence on China , delegates heard during the 23rd Industrial Minerals congress in Prague. Read More

  • IM23: Oil and gas downturn widens minerals shipping opportunities 14 June 2016

    The downturn in the oil and gas industry has opened up shipping opportunities in industrial minerals used for renewable energy production. Read More

  • IM23: Swelling middle class to fuel mineral demand 14 June 2016

    Increased levels of consumption should push mineral usage. Supply security in situations where production is concentrated in particular regions remains a cause for concern, however. Read More

  • LWP to invest in battery technology 14 June 2016

    Energy technology company, LWP, has ventured into an agreement with VVV Technologies Pty Ltd to commercialise the graphene synthesis patents and aluminium-graphene-oxygen battery technology for battery manufacturers and industry participants. Read More

  • African agrimarkets could be bigger than mining, says Gajah 10 June 2016

    According to Gajah Investment Group, the agrimarket could become more important to the future of Africa than the mining sector. The company is focusing on the development of projects in strategic areas particularly agriculture, oil and gas and infrastructure. Read More

  • Chinese lithium spot market feels the pinch from government clampdown 09 June 2016

    The spot market for lithium products in China, which has this year soared to unprecedented levels, has recently seen prices drop slightly following a Chinese government investigation into cheating on electric vehicle subsidies. Market participants believe the dip is temporary, however. Read More

  • Solvay to develop oil recovery technology as part of Abu Dhabi partnership 08 June 2016

    The chemicals manufacturer will research chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies that could be applied in oil extraction sites in Abu Dhabi, signalling renewed interest on the part of the Belgian firm to strengthen revenue streams in fossil fuels. Read More

  • General Electric buys stake in battery producer Sonnen 08 June 2016

    The move by GE to invest in what is Europe’s largest rechargeable energy storage unit manufacturer marks a further push by a major energy business into lithium-ion technology, following Total’s recent buyout of battery maker Saft. Read More

  • Fly ash proppant testing validates LWP's technology 08 June 2016

    Recent tests have validated the effectiveness in terms of cost and performance of LWP’s fly ash-based proppants, LWP has reported, which is important for oil and gas and service companies who are seeking to carry out more cost effective hydraulic fracturing (fracking) against a backdrop of low oil prices and oversupply. Read More

  • The bleak picture of graphite funding 07 June 2016

    Falling prices and squeezing demand for natural flake graphite are having a stifling effect on the economics around junior projects, with waning investor interest and dwindling end markets putting a big question over future of funding in an challenging environment. Read More

  • First collective net loss for Top 40 mining companies 07 June 2016

    2015 marked a $27bn net loss for the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalisation according to PwC's latest mining report, with consolidation and cost cutting likely to continue throughout 2016. Notably though, last year also marked the first time a lithium company made it into the Top 40 list as focus shifts away from coal. Read More

  • Graphene Nanochem prepares for upsurge in oilfield activity 07 June 2016

    The nanomaterials producer has commercialised a number of graphene-based solutions for the oilfield services market and expects to see activity in the sector picking up soon. Its progress illustrates potential avenues of success for graphene, which has so far struggled to find viable end markets, disappointing investors who had been promised a “miracle material”. Read More

  • Orocobre to reach 3,000 tonnes lithium production this quarter 07 June 2016

    The newest entrant to the lithium market is continuing its ramp up in Jujuy, Argentina and expects to hit nameplate capacity by September, CEO Richard Seville told media sources. Read More

  • India’s beach sand miners sceptical about new rules 06 June 2016

    The new draft of Atomic Mineral Concession Rules 2016 has raised concerns among private miners as they fear that the proposed changes – mainly pertaining to the threshold limit value of monazite and mining concession – are a threat for the survival of the nascent beach sand minerals mining industry. Read More

  • Norway moves to ban fuel cars by 2025 06 June 2016

    The move to have a completely electric fleet of private cars, buses and trucks by 2025 in Norway would see an incredible spike in demand for the materials used in electric vehicles, not least in lithium-ion battery components. Read More

  • High silica content at MGX’s deposits 06 June 2016

    The latest assessment of mineral resources at the two Canadian sites in Longworth and Wonah noted the occurrence of high purity silica, prompting the company to consider silicon metal smelting as a target end market. Read More

  • Savannah Resources branches out into lithium 03 June 2016

    AIM-listed Savannah Resources has applied for Finnish lithium licences to complement its Omani copper project as the company anticipates huge growth in distributed power networks, EVs and energy storage. Read More

  • Talk From The Top: What those at the helm make of the last two years in industrial minerals markets IM June Issue

    While the majority of industrial mineral market participants are bracing themselves for another tough year, IM spoke to key industry players about adapting to current conditions and seeking out new markets. Read More

  • Revamping the vermiculite industry IM June Issue

    Global production slowly declining; Operators seek more profitable applications Read More

  • Halliburton and Baker Hughes to scrap merger IM June Issue

    Halliburton to pay $3.5bn break-up fee; working with antitrust authorities since 2014; rig count down affecting associated oilfield minerals Read More

  • Mineral health check – what do Q1 results say about the state of the industry? IM June Issue

    IM looks at first-quarter performances of the leading industrial mineral companies and what the financials say about the state of the sector. Read More

  • Where the sun shines IM June Issue

    The solar photovoltaic (PV) industry is at last experiencing its heyday after decades spent at the periphery of the energy market. Read More

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