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  • FLSmidth sells fibre-cement business for $174m 13 January 2015

    As mining capex continues to be low and is expected to remain so for at least the next year, the Danish processing company has been working on divesting its non-core assets to focus exclusively on cement and mineral processing. Read More

  • Hayward Gordon diversifies processing offering with Sharpe Mixers acquisition 13 January 2015

    While many processing and technology companies are suffering as a result of low mineral prices which have led to projects being scaled back or cancelled altogether, the acquisition of Sharpe Mixers by Hayward Gordon will help the new company mitigate poor market conditions by enabling it to serve a more diverse range of industries and regions. Read More

  • Outotec to supply gas cleaning tech to Votorantim Group in Peru 05 January 2015

    The gas cleaning technology supplied by Outotec to Votorantim's zinc refinery in Peru will enable to the company to both reduce its gas emissions and produce a higher quality sulphuric acid by-product. Read More

  • Getting down to the nitty gritty: Recycling minerals in road waste IM January 2015

    Peter Craven from CDEnviro comments on how the millions of tonnes of sand and grit that are spread on our European roads during winter months is increasingly being recovered and recycled. Read More

  • Outotec revises targets as sales grow faster than market 28 November 2014

    The company has said that its sales are growing faster than the market, and the company has therefore revised its financial targets. Outotec has also reiterated the strides it has made in terms of sustainability, with sales in this area demonstrating increase demand for "greener" processing techniques. Read More

  • US Rare Earth Salts to separate rare earths for a mining major IM December 2014

    Construction of US separation pilot plant in Nebraska, US; Rare Earth Salts signs agreement with undisclosed major Read More

  • Valmet to install €23m biomass-fired boiler for lower emission energy in Finland 25 November 2014

    The new boiler, which will provide the nearby SCA paper mill with cost efficient energy, will enable the replacement of natural gas with more efficient biofuels and lower carbon emissions. This is good progress for Valmet, which is in the process of testing new technologies for bio-refinery applications to reduce CO2 emissions. Read More

  • US Rare Earth Salts to separate rare earths for a mining major 31 October 2014

    Following the agreement with a major mining company to produce rare earths from its deposits, US-based junior Rare Earth Salts is ready to construct a pilot plant to demonstrate the feasibility of its new process, which it claims has a is higher environmental benefit and lower costs compared with traditional methods. If successful, this could represent a game changer in the rare earths industry. Read More

  • Outotec to cuts personnel in Finland to save cash due to challenging market conditions 30 October 2014

    Following negative third quarter results compared with the same period in 2013, the Finland-based processing company has started a programme to cut annual operating costs, in order to restructure its assets and remain competitive in case conditions in the mining sector do not improve in 2015. Read More

  • ERECON 2014: Recycling rare earths from e-waste in Europe IM November 2014

    Call for action to recycle rare earths from EoL manufactured products; Current recovery rate of less than 1% presents opportunities Read More

  • Global mining equipment industry to grow 8.5% CAGR to 2018 24 October 2014

    According to a new report by Transparency Market Research, growth will be driven by iron ore and activity in oil refineries – good news for mining services providers, who have generally been in agreement that demand would be unlikely to materialise before the end of 2014. Read More

  • ERECON 2014: Recycling rare earths from e-waste in Europe 20 October 2014

    Owing to increasing rare earths demand in Europe, which has one of the largest markets of auto vehicles and mobile phones, companies called for a concerted effort from all institutions and governments to explore the potential of recycling rare earths and magnets from e-waste. Read More

  • ME Elecmetal to cut costs by recycling zircon sand at US foundry 10 October 2014

    By developing a new process that recycles zircon sand from its metal casting operations, US-based ME Elecmetal could give the foundry industry the opportunity to reclaim zircon from silica sand, which could impact the zircon supply chain. Read More

  • Valmet to supply equipment to US pulp and paper mill producer 08 October 2014

    By supplying an evaporator train upgrade to Canada-based pulp and paper producer Domtar, Valmet will improve the company’s production efficiency and consolidate its leadership as a supplier of technical services for pulp, paper and energy industries in the North American market. Read More

  • Covanta Energy uses rare earth magnets to improve metal recycling 06 October 2014

    By using a more powerful neodymium-based magnet to improve the efficiency of magnetic sorting systems, the engineering company is set to expand the range of applications of rare earth-based magnets, while increasing efficiency in waste processing and metals recycling. Read More

  • FLSmidth to supply mining services to PT Antam in Indonesia 02 October 2014

    By signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Indonesian bauxite and alumina producer, PT Antam, the Danish engineering company is consolidating its position as an equipment supplier in Indonesia – an industrial minerals-rich country in which FLSmidth already has an established presence. Read More

  • SGS expand reach with Belgian testing acquisition 01 October 2014

    The acquisition on Belgian Applus+ is the latest in a string of acquisitions made by SGS, which provides testing services to many industrial minerals companies. An expansion of SGS's reach then, benefits the industrial minerals industry as a whole. Read More

  • Hunan Nonferrous Metal produces fluorspar from polymetallic tailings in China IM October 2014 issue

    The company has developed an ore dressing method to separate and recover scheelite and fluorite through a two stage process. Using this process, which eliminates the shortcomings of a preferential flotation process, at a new processing plant starting in August, the China Minmetals subsidiary can produce high-grade and low-grade fluorspar. Antonio Torrisi, Reporter Read More

  • How the mining industry can “do more with less” IM September 2014

    As capex is tightened year after year and some mining assets are becoming less profitable with declining ore grades, mining companies are turning more to analytics to manage resources and become more efficient, Shawn Lyndon* discusses. Read More

  • Qinghai Sensheng to implement clean technology at saline lake mine project 29 August 2014

    As a solution to powering its saline lake mine project in a remote area of Qinghai province in China, the company has opted to use alternative energy sources such as solar and wind energy for the project, which could increase efficiency and help to cut costs. Read More

  • FLSmidth profits increase 67% despite low order intake 13 August 2014

    As activity in developing regions has increased, FLSmidth has seen an appreciation in margins. However, this regional growth is not enough to generate a significant growth in revenue, and the company is choosing to reorganise from the start of 2015 to improve operational efficiency. Read More

  • ABB to provide turnkey automation solution for K+S Legacy Potash 12 August 2014

    The power and automation technology group, which already has a strong presence in Saskatchewan, Canada, will provide the potash producer with a solution that incorporates automation and power into one control environment. Read More

  • MTI secures agreement with Sun Paper for new technology 12 August 2014

    With growth in the paper industry slowing down in recent years, MTI’s NewYield technology, which converts paper waste into useable filler, can offer papermakers cost and environmental benefits. Read More

  • Elemental Minerals’ Sintoukola potash deposit IM August 2014

    Elemental Resources uses software packages to improve accuracy of resource estimation for its Sintoukola potash deposit. Andrew Scogings, Simon Dorling and Andrew Pedley outline how the gridding seam method is appropriate for deposit modelling. Read More

  • Ansul’s Checkfire saves more than just money IM July 2014 issue

    According to the NFPA, underground mining has been by far the global loss leader in fatalities and injuries for all industries from a personnel safety standpoint. Ansul’s new Checkfire system has been developed to protect personnel, equipment, and limit downtime with technology that it says surpasses that of its competitors. Kasia Patel, Chief Reporter Read More

  • The composition and beneficial reuse of drilling muds IM June 2014

    An increased focus on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is driving demand for minerals such as bentonite and barite used in drilling mud. Drilling waste must subsequently be disposed of in a safe manner. Savannah Cooper of Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, takes a look at the environmentally friendly drilling mud recovery route. Read More

  • Weir supports merger despite Metso rejection IM May 2014 issue

    Both technology companies operate in the mining, oil and gas industries, and analysts and shareholders alike have confirmed the merger makes sense. However, Metso is convinced that standalone growth is in the company’s best interests. Kasia Patel, Senior Reporter Read More

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