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Fluorspar latest news

  • June 2017

    Price briefing 9-15 June

    16 June 2017

    Bauxite prices rocket higher; fluorspar spot market in Europe tracked China higher; antimony trioxide prices soften; titanium dioxide prices could rise further; according to Chinese producer Lomon Billions.

  • Fluorspar spot prices rise in Europe

    16 June 2017

    Acidspar spot prices have increased in Europe after months of stability, as producers start to raise their offers following the uptrend in China. However, some argued that the spot market is not representative as it accounts for a small volume of the overall business, which is largely covered by annual contract.

  • Price briefing 2-8 June

    09 June 2017

    Ilmenite price ranges widened on buyer-reluctance, as rutile remained unchanged; chromite price stable; silicon carbide spreads tighten; APMDC gear up for baryte tender; fluorspar producers outside China plan price increase; India soda ash prices rise amid shipping delay; antimony trioxide prices soften

  • Fluorspar producers ex-China plan price increase from H2

    09 June 2017

    Following rapid fluorspar price increases in China over the past months, producers in the rest of the world are talking of a price increase from H2 onwards. However, some consumers questioned the justification of raising their raw material costs at a time of global supply and demand uncertainty.

  • Price briefing 26 May - 1 June

    02 June 2017

    Strict anti-pollution controls in China continue to impact bauxite production, lifting prices; while rising raw material costs support white fused alumina; rutile prices registered small gain, ilmenite holds firm; andalusite supply in 2017 to fall; barytes fell amid global oversupply; aluminium trifluoride value spike on higher fluorspar prices

  • May 2017

    China's aluminium trifluoride prices spike on shutdowns

    31 May 2017

    Prices for aluminium trifluoride – a key material for aluminium production – have jumped in China following a series of shutdowns related the anti-pollution policies being enforced. The value of the material is meanwhile being supported by rising fluorspar prices.

  • Refrigerant value rises on Chinese fluorspar price spike

    24 May 2017

    Higher Chinese fluorspar prices have contributed to a rise in the value of downstream products.

  • Chinese fluorspar spot prices hit four-year high

    12 May 2017

    Acidspar prices in China continue to rise , hitting four-year highs this week, as the ongoing anti-pollution checks in the country caused a supply shortage in the domestic market.

  • Price briefing 5-11 May

    12 May 2017

    Prices were mixed across a number of industrial minerals markets, with anti-pollution related production shutdowns lifting prices for antimony trioxide, while Chinese fluorspar prices also continue to rise. Amid prices surging over the past months, fluorspar market participants have urged caution amid supply and demand uncertainty. Rutile and titanium dioxide prices have also increased. In contrast, chemical-grade chromite prices have slumped.

  • Market urges caution amid rapid China fluorspar price jump

    12 May 2017

    Many market participants warned against the suggestion of improving demand following sudden price spike in Chinese fluorspar prices since February, as the global supply and demand balance remains unclear.

  • China's fluorspar exports hit 28-month high in March

    04 May 2017

    Exports of fluorspar from China soared to a 28-month high in March but the average value of CaF>97% material remained at lower levels. Meanwhile, the value of aluminum fluoride shipped from China breached $1,000/tonne for the first time since February 2016.

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