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IM July-August 2017


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  • AABC17: There’s a lot of market left to conquer for EVs - Toyota

    Electric vehicles still account for just 1% of US market share leaving "a lot more market to conquer", according to Toyota Motor North America. Califonia is leading the way in terms of EV sales, but more government support including incentives is key to achieving national emissions targets. Barbara O'Donovan reports. Read More

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People & Places

  • People and places

    IM talks to Paul Zink about his new role as CFO of Pure Energy Minerals and his future plans for the company. Read More


  • Growing gains: Perlite and vermiculite

    As two niche mineral sectors that have largely lacked innovation, Rose Pengelly, IM Correspondent, considers whether there could be more in store for vermiculite and perlite than tall buildings and tomatoes. Read More

  • Potash and phosphate: Demanding industries

    The need for food is growing in step with a swelling global population and the mineral fertiliser industry is under pressure to ensure that nutrient supply keeps up with consumption, Cameron Perks, IM Correspondent, finds. Read More

  • Processing: Going green

    Although the number of industrial minerals covered by IM is far reaching and the technology required for their production often varies by sector, the mining industry is seeing increasing calls for corporate social responsibility and greener technology, particularly in light of the growing role renewable energy has to play in the everyday lives of consumers. Read More

  • US exiting Paris Treaty not expected to impact minerals sector

    In the wake of President Trump’s announcement that the US will be pulling out of the 2015 Paris Climate Treaty, IM looks at the significance of this move and the possible impact this will have on the industrial minerals market. By Mark Rowe Read More

  • What goes up…

    As the dust settles following a price war that has quartered the market value of iodine in recent years, IM reports from Chile on the causes of the roller coaster ride in the market and looks to the future of demand for the mineral. Read More


  • China’s talc industry readies for processing upgrade

    The goal of cleaning up the domestic environment, set as a top priority by Premier Xi Jinping as part of China’s 13th Five Year Plan in 2016, has had a particularly adverse affect on the mining industry. Now talc producers are being targeted, Yoke Wong, IM Head of Market Reporting, finds. Read More

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  • IM's June Price Movements

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • IM Prices June 2017

    See article below, from the July-August issue of Industrial Minerals magazine, for market updates on price movements in various industrial minerals. Minerals featured this month include: magnesia, ilmenite,chromite, barytes,bauxite, graphite, lithium, fluorspar, alumina, soda ash, antimony trioxide. Read More