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IM October-November 2017


Latest News

Market Monitor

  • Energy storage: an adaptable approach to managing the electricity grid

    The deployment of renewable energy over the last decade has created unprecedented challenges for the planning and operation of power systems. Consequently, battery-storage technologies have attracted great interest, as they allow utilities and network operators to adopt a flexible and adaptable approach to managing the electricity grid. Read More

Logistics News



  • Back to black

    The graphite industry has gone through a year marked by abrupt changes in supply patterns and market prices - various factors shook up the sector after years of weakness. Demand from refractories and batteries is growing, injecting new hope to the industry, Industrial Minerals deputy editor, Davide Ghilotti writes. Read More

  • Woolly topic: The challenges of analysing artificial fibres

    Mineral wools are artificial fibres typically made from spinning or drawing molten minerals and widely used as insulating and building material, in close proximity to humans. Here, three experts* on chemical analysis of mineral wool outline some of the most important considerations when evaluating these products for safe use in everyday applications. Read More

  • Genie in a bottleneck: How a supply squeeze has worked magic for TiO2

    As environmental inspections cut Chinese titanium dioxide output and producers elsewhere in the world fail to pick up the slack, prices for the pigment chemical have staged a surprise turnaround, William Clarke, IM Reporter, finds. Read More

  • The end is nigh: A bleak future for Bolivian antimony

    Producers foresee little prospect for continued antimony operations in a country that once was a major player in the industry, as regulations strangle business, writes Myles McCormick, IM Correspondent, from La Paz. Read More

  • Zircon 101: where will new demand come from?

    Zircon is important - and some would argue irreplaceable - in markets such as ceramics, which accounts for around 50% of demand. But, as Cameron Perks, IM Correspondent, discovers, there are new sources of interest within that same industry - and demand projections vary wildly. Read More

  • A Chinese squeeze? Fluorspar industry governed by uncertainty

    China is the largest producer and consumer of fluorspar, but supply has been curtailed due to draconian environmental legislation, which has pushed up prices. Will this give new producers in Vietnam, Canada and Afghanistan a chance to swoop in and further alter the supply mix? IM Consultant Editor, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, reports. Read More

Company Profile

  • Savannah Resources: multi-asset mining

    The AIM-listed junior mining company recently purchased the Mina do Barroso lithium site in Portugal as it seeks to boost its presence in the lithium space, while pre-feasibility resourcing stage is approaching for its mineral sands project in Mozambique. Read More


  • IM Prices September 2017

    See article below, from the October-November issue of Industrial Minerals magazine, for market updates on price movements in various industrial minerals. Minerals featured this month include: fluorspar, chromite, magnesia, zircon, graphite, ilmenite, bauxite, alumina, lithium, titanium dioxide/TiO2 and iodine. Read More