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Price Briefing

  • Price briefing 12-18 May 19 May 2017

    The ongoing draconian anti-pollution controls in China continue to disrupt production in a number of minerals, which has lifted prices in bauxite and antimony trioxide. Meanwhile, fused magnesia is no longer available in China; producers announced another rare earth price hike; chromite and silicon carbide prices remained stable; and lithium carbonate spot have risen in China again. Read More

  • Price briefing 5-11 May 12 May 2017

    Prices were mixed across a number of industrial minerals markets, with anti-pollution related production shutdowns lifting prices for antimony trioxide, while Chinese fluorspar prices also continue to rise. Amid prices surging over the past months, fluorspar market participants have urged caution amid supply and demand uncertainty. Rutile and titanium dioxide prices have also increased. In contrast, chemical-grade chromite prices have slumped. Read More

  • Price briefing 28 April – 4 May 05 May 2017

    Chinese magnesia output disruption worsens; fresh mining restrictions lift bauxite prices; brown fused alumina remains unchanged but raw material cut could support prices. Read More

  • Price Briefing: 21 -27 April 28 April 2017

    Chinese customs data echos recent price trends seen by IM with the value of flake graphite moving lower at the same time as lithium carbonate and hydroxide values were well supported. Meanwhile a Southern Chinese rare earths producer announced some price increases as the industry there attempts to improve the market. Read More

  • Price briefing 14-20 April 21 April 2017

    A clampdown on tax evasion lifts China-origin bauxite; brown fused alumina remains unchanged; antimony trioxide prices in Europe increased; Chinese silicon carbide output cut could support European market; iodine prices rise. Read More

  • Price briefing 7-13 April 13 April 2017

    Chemical grade chromite prices declined; Chinese fused magnesia prices increased; Chinese producers raised offer prices for antimony trioxide; and China's largest rare earths producer hiked its prices for the fourth time in 2017. Read More

  • Price briefing 31 March – 6 April 07 April 2017

    Chromite buying activities may increase in Q2; fluorspar prices outside China flat but demand expected to improve; spherical graphite stagnant; white fused alumina prices fall Read More

  • Price briefing 24 – 30 March 31 March 2017

    Producers in China announced yet another TiO2 price hike; feedstock ilmenite prices increased on tight supply; antimony trioxide prices rose; iodine unchanged as market digests production cut in Chile. Read More

  • Price briefing 17-23 March 24 March 2017

    Lithium prices unchanged; brown fused alumina spreads widen; fluorspar continues to climb; antimony trioxide stable; chromite stand-off continues Read More

  • Price Briefing 10-16 March 17 March 2017

    Antimony trioxide spot prices spike; magnesia unchanged but supply to remain tight; China-origin soda ash falls. Read More

  • Price briefing 3-9 March 10 March 2017

    Magnesia held unchanged, as brown fused alumina and titanium dioxide prices increased while iodine remained stable. Read More

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