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Soda ash pricing news

  • June 2018

    Price Briefing: June 1-7

    08 June 2018

    Cheaper material offered by smaller producers weigh on Chinese battery-grade lithium carbonate, hydroxide prices; European antimony trioxide market softens on lack of sales; PRICING NOTICE: Discontinuation of celestite; PRICING NOTICE: Discontinuation of olivine price; Fresh talk about consolidation of Liaoning province's magnesia sector but prices steady for now; PRICING NOTICE: Discontinuation of kyanite pricing; China fluorspar prices push higher while sellers wait for stronger prices; No movement on Chinese soda ash price despite restored supply sources

  • No movement on Chinese soda ash price despite restored supply sources

    08 June 2018

    Soda ash production in China was down year-on-year in the first four months of 2018 but an easing of the factors restricting output has brought a short period of stability to prices.

  • IM's May Price Movements

    05 June 2018

    IM's monthly price movements.

  • Indian soda ash spot prices forced up on rupee weakness

    01 June 2018

    A price rise from the country’s producers two weeks ago has now begun to influence prices in India’s soda ash spot market.

  • Price Briefing: May 25 - 31

    01 June 2018

    Refractory brown fused alumina prices fall in China, WFA stable; Global antimony trioxide market strengthens upon higher antimony metal price; Indian barite exports further undercut Chinese prices; Battery-grade lithium carbonate prices soften in China; other global prices unchanged; Strong dollar weighs on Indian soda ash list prices

  • May 2018

    Strong dollar weighs on Indian soda ash list prices

    25 May 2018

    The rupee's performance against the dollar dipped 6.4%, pushing list prices higher, although this has not yet influenced spot market prices for soda ash.

  • Strong demand, tight supply push soda ash prices up

    18 May 2018

    Strong demand in China is being met with reduced output, which has placed further upward pressure on soda ash prices.

  • IM prices April 2018

    17 May 2018

  • Price Briefing May 4 - 10

    11 May 2018

    Global iodine spot market strengthens on bullish sentiment; Sluggish demand drags down global antimony trioxide market; Foundry-grade chromite prices edge up on ongoing tightness; Sparse buying activity leaves Chinese magnesia export prices steady; Chinese lithium carbonate import prices climb but export prices soften, China’s flake graphite prices steady, demand remains quiet; Chinese domestic battery-grade lithium compound spot prices stabilize, other regions soften.

  • Strong demand, export uncertainty push Chinese soda ash price above $300 per tonne

    11 May 2018

    Chinese prices for soda ash have risen for the second time in seven weeks, although the volumes available for export are a cause for some concern.

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