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Industrial Minerals Sectors


Covering animal feed; fertilisers; soil; etc.
Minerals used include: borates, calcium carbonate, caustic calcined magnesite, magnesite, nitrates, potash, phosphate, sulphur, talc

Ceramics, Glass

Covering all ceramic and glass market sectors.
Minerals used include: ball & plastic clays, borates, celestite, dolomite, feldspar, fluorspar, halloysite, kaolin, limestone, lithium minerals, nepheline syenite, rare earths, silica sand, soda ash, sodium sulphate, talc, wollastonite, zircon

Construction, Chemicals

Covering aggregate; brick; cement; chemicals; roofing; wallboard; etc.
Minerals used include: basalt, dolomite, granite, limestone, traprock, diatomite, perlite, pumice, scoria, vermiculite, alumina, asbestos, bauxite, clays, gypsum, lime, limestone, dolomite, borates, celestite, chromite, fluorspar, lithium, magnesia, manganese, nitrates, phosphates, pyrites, rare earths, salt, soda ash, sodium sulphate, sulphur.


Covering oil & gas drilling; batteries; fuel cells; solar cells; etc.
Minerals used include: barytes, bentonite, frac sand, haematite, magnetite, mica, quartz, fused silica, lithium minerals, graphite, borates, lithium minerals, manganese, zirconia, quartz, fused silica,


Covering waste/water treatment; FGD; landfill; pollution control; etc.
Minerals used include: lime, dolomite, magnesite, magnesium hydroxide, soda ash

Functional Fillers, Pigments

Covering adhesives; cosmetics; flame retardants; paper; paints; plastics; rubber; etc.
Minerals used include: alumina trihydrate, barytes, bentonite, ground calcium carbonate (GCC), diatomite, celestite, chromite, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), feldspar, gypsum, huntite-hydromagnesite, ilmenite, iron oxide, leucoxene, manganese, rutile, synthetic rutile, kaolin, mica, silica sand, talc, TiO2 pigment, wollastonite, borates, brucite, magnesium hydroxide, vermiculite

Industrial, Specialities

Markets not covered in other sectors, including: absorbents; catalysts; electronics; filtration; etc.


Latest innovations, technology, new products/equipment, and corporate movements for the processing of industrial minerals

Refractories, Metallurgy, Foundry, Abrasives

Covering abrasives; foundry; pelletising; refractories; slag control; welding
Minerals used include: andalusite, bauxite, brown fused alumina, calcined & tabular alumina, chromite, dolomite, graphite, kyanite, fused magnesia, dead burned magnesia, sintered & fused mullite, olivine, pyrophyllite, refractory clays (kaolin, chamotte), silica, fused silica, silicon carbide, sillimanite, sintered and fused spinel, zircon, fused zirconia, diatomite, emery, garnet, staurolite, white fused alumina, bentonite

Trading, Logistics, Finance

Developments and issues influencing industrial minerals trading, logistics, and finance