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  • By IM Staff
    Published: 22 Sep 2016

    Poly-fluorinated chemicals are widely used to make products waterproof and enhance their durability, but increasing awareness about the damage these compounds cause to the environment is adding to pressure on manufacturers to drop them.

  • By Cameron Perks
    Published: 16 Sep 2016

    The importance of cobalt to many lithium battery chemistries is sometimes forgotten, with industry news tending to focus solely on lithium itself. Delegates at the Battery Metals Conference in Beijing last week took a closer look at the battery supply chain.

  • By Shruti Salwan
    Published: 08 Sep 2016

    Much-awaited Kenyan mining law aimed at attracting investment to stimulate economic growth has been enforced as authorities aim for a 10% contribution to the country’s GDP by 2030. However, subsidiary regulations still remain at early stages of discussions with stakeholders.

  • By Davide Ghilotti
    Published: 02 Sep 2016

    As the much hoped-for improvement in Chinese steel production is struggling to materialise, southern neighbour India is enjoying a stable steel output while the local industry is renovating in techniques and equipment. All in, India is seen as a shining light for refractory products manufacturers.

  • By Myles McCormick
    Published: 26 Aug 2016

    A bill to limit the amount of time taken to approve mining permits in the US is looking increasingly unlikely to be passed by the end of the current presidential cycle as time to conference legislation passed by the two houses of Congress runs short.

  • By Myles McCormick
    Published: 18 Aug 2016

    The holder of the world’s largest lithium resource put a small amount of lithium carbonate on the market earlier this month, marking its first commercialisation of the product. The state has big plans for the battery mineral, but local experts remain sceptical.

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