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  • By Yoke Wong
    Published: 02 Dec 2016

    More refractory minerals production shutdowns are anticipated amid warning of heightening pollution level around Beijing. Despite the supply disruption, spot prices of bauxite and brown fused alumina remained unchanged amid weak demand.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 25 Nov 2016

    Export quotas for magnesia have disappeared from the latest government list released for 2017, as the news prompted mixed reactions from the domestic industry. As things stand, export taxes could be scrapped by year-end.

  • By Cameron Perks
    Published: 18 Nov 2016

    The Namibian government has halted what would have been the world’s first offshore phosphate mine, retracting its approval of the project after a public disagreement between government ministries came to a head.

  • By IM Staff
    Published: 11 Nov 2016

    IM takes a first look at how the US presidency of Republican Donald Trump could shape key sectors of the economy, domestic and internationally.

  • By Albert Li
    Published: 04 Nov 2016

    Liaoning province is regarded as the capital of Chinese magnesia, but rising production costs and slowing demand for refractories are causing the industry to struggle.

  • By Myles McCormick
    Published: 28 Oct 2016

    A recent trade forum saw US delegates prioritise the issue of India’s protectionism in its boric acid trade. Indian buyers, US producers and US diplomats are pushing Indian authorities to fully abandon the country's current import regime.

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