Alumina/Bauxite features

  • September 2011

    End User Focus: Alumina’s salt slag solution

    24 September 2011

    French processor RVA takes slags from aluminium smelters and recycles them into three value-added outputs, including an unconventional source of alumina for non-metallurgical applications, as Howard Epstein explains

  • Bauxite residue management

    24 September 2011

    A waste product of the Bayer process used for alumina production, bauxite residue is one of industry’s largest waste streams. The International Aluminium Institute outlines key management, re-use and remediation schemes in place to tackle the issue

  • Weighing the alternatives

    24 September 2011

    Raw materials supply remains one of the chief concerns of the refractories industry. IM talked to the players in the sector to understand what the potential alternatives are for minerals such as bauxite, magnesia, graphite and zircon

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