Alumina/Bauxite features

  • February 2013

    Industrial Minerals Prices March 2013

    22 February 2013

  • The rough with the smooth

    22 February 2013

    Abrasives have had a hard time in the last few years as demand has waned on the back of an uncertain economy, but all sectors are set to enjoy growth as manufacturing returns to the black. Siobhan Lismore, Editor, takes a look at an industry on the up

  • Economic recovery beckons for fused alumina market

    22 February 2013

    As with many sectors, fused alumina, both white- and brown-fused, is beginning to show signs of recovery for uses in refectories and in abrasives. Ted Dickson* looks at the current state of play and where the market may go if the global economy begins to pick up.

  • Projects in the Pipeline: Calcined bauxite – are there enough projects in the pipeline?

    22 February 2013

    Recent press reports have quoted a leading consumer as describing high-grade bauxite as “a rare commodity in China”. Alison Saxby, Roskill Information Services, explores whether supply can cope with future demand

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