Alumina/Bauxite latest news

  • December 2014

    News in Brief

    31 December 2014

    Rio Tinto sets out growth plan for minerals Cofermin to create two new companies Australia to cancel alumina export tax to China Bosai Minerals reach wage agreement after strike Microdermis iodine-based antiseptic adopted by US Army in fight against Ebola

  • Sika shareholders in last ditch attempt to stop Saint Gobain takeover

    24 December 2014

    The removal of the clause would mean that Saint Gobain would not be able to sidestep engaging with shareholders of Sika to complete the acquisition, but would have to ask for their votes. Given the absolute clarity of the shareholders position, if the clause is removed, this could spell trouble for Saint Gobain

  • Orbite delays commercial production of HPA and racks up higher costs

    16 December 2014

    Following additional evaluation of refractory components for the decomposer and calcinatory at its planned HPA plant in Quebec, Canada, Orbite Aluminae decided to substitute an initial product with new refractory materials, a move that will ensure consistent output, but which will cause delays and increase costs.

  • Dashiqiao refractory companies switch kilns to natural gas as Tangshan establishes quality inspectorate

    16 December 2014

    Replacing kiln fuel oil with natural gas will enable Dashiqiao manufacturers to produce more specification led products in a less polluting process, while a new quality control office in Tangshan will help manage the regional industry’s transition to higher value products.

  • Nabaltec to expand aluminium trihydroxide production at its US JV

    16 December 2014

    The company’s decision to expand production of ATH at its US-based JV with Sherwin Alumina follows continuous growth in demand for precipitated hydroxides and it will enable the company to retain its position as world-leading supplier of aluminium-based flame retardants.

  • Hudson proves potential to produce specialty alumina from Greenland anorthosite

    16 December 2014

    The successful results from the laboratory testwork on the company’s White Mountain anorthosite ore, which demonstrated the company’s ability to produce specialty grade alumina, enable Hudson to become a potential low cost supplier to the global fibreglass market, which is steadily growing in Western and developing economies.

  • VIDEO: Mines and Money '14

    15 December 2014

    IM reports from this year's Mines and Money conference in London.

  • CUMI forms independent European subsidiary for its refractory products

    11 December 2014

    The formation of its subsidiary company, CUMI Europe, will allow the company to be in closer to European customers for the supply of its abrasive, ceramics and refractory products, as well as electrominerals. This makes it a strong potential competitor in the European refractory industry.

  • First Bauxite sets a new strategy for projects in Guyana

    10 December 2014

    Following the completion of a strategic review for the bankable feasibility study of its Bonasika bauxite project in Guyana, the company decided to shift to market and production diversification, which it believes will lower technological and costs and to make the project globally competitive.

  • Showa Denko ceramics announces merging operations and starts zeolite production

    04 December 2014

    The completion of merging operations by the Japanese refractories and chemicals producer will reinforce its leadership in the supply of refractory ceramics in Asia, while expanding its mineral portfolio with the start of a high-silica zeolite plant in Japan.

  • Coretrack begins construction of fly ash ceramic proppant plant

    04 December 2014

    Although traditionally ceramic proppants are manufactured using bauxite and kaolin, Coretrack says it can lead the market with its fly ash ceramic proppant. As the oil and gas industry continues to drive demand for proppants, producers may need to increasingly turn to ceramic proppants, which work better in higher pressure, deeper wells.

  • CUMI partnership with refractory producer affected by protests in India

    04 December 2014

    Protests from the local population over environmental issues and jobs offers from the refractory industry has damaged the possibility of expansion of the group, as foreign potential partners step back in view of possible instabilities and disturbances.

  • Cofermin to branch out to create two companies

    03 December 2014

    The creation of a specialised China resource underscores the importance the Germany-based trading company places on its refractory materials supply and relationships.

  • November 2014

    Australia to cancel alumina export tax to China

    28 November 2014

    The cancellation of export taxes on Australian exports to China will boost imports of alumina from the country, as China’s bauxite resources are depleting. This is likely to impact Chinese alumina producers, which will no longer benefit from competitive domestic prices, owing to the present 17% tax on alumina imports from Australia.

  • Altech Chemicals to build high purity alumina plant in Malaysia

    27 November 2014

    The construction of Altech's plant in Malaysia for the production of high purity alumina (HPA) from its aluminous clays deposits in Australia will allow the Australian junior to keep costs low and will enable it to become a competitive HPA producer for the Asia Pacific market.

  • Imerys results underline commitment to ceramic proppants

    27 November 2014

    As a leading producer in many mineral industries, Imerys results are a good indication of the state of the market. These are strong results —with the exception of fused minerals — showing that new areas of growth, such as talc in polymers in automobiles and Li-ion batteries, are starting to affect even traditional producers.

  • RHI’s revenues decline in Q3 due to depressed glass and non-ferrous market

    27 November 2014

    Refractory products demand sluggish but a positive trend in raw materials noted -

  • Nabaltec sees Q3 revenue growth due to solid performance in refractories and flame retardants

    26 November 2014

    By posting another sequential revenue increase in Q3, which follows solid growth in the previous quarter of this year, the German refractory and flame retardants producer is strengthening its position as a world-leading supplier of alumina products, despite lower growth targets in Germany’s economy.

  • Kerneos to commission new CAC plant in India by 2016

    25 November 2014

    The commissioning of a new production plant in India in 2016 will allow the French world-leading calcium aluminate producer to reinforce its position as a supplier in the country’s expanding economy and construction market.

  • Ineos to potentially invest $1bn in UK shale gas exploration

    20 November 2014

    The investment is subject to the granting of shale licences in Scotland. Should exploration lead to production, the company plans to invest further into the industry in the next 5-6 years, and could result in increased demand for minerals such as frac sand, barite and bentonite.

  • Ghana progresses with dry bulk port expansion

    20 November 2014

    The expansion of the West African country’s main port at Takoradi will allow it to export more bauxite and manganese, which could see locally-based operator Bosai Minerals increase its international shipments.

  • China to open mining to foreign investment and assess domestic efficiency

    19 November 2014

    The announcement of more minerals opened to foreign investment policies by China’s Ministry of Commerce shows the country’s intention to adapt to the new economic globalisation, while actively promoting more efficiency in its mining industry.

  • IFGL and Orient Refractories posted solid growth in India

    18 November 2014

    The positive results recorded by two of the major Indian refractory producers show a robust demand for refractory products in the country, despite a continuing slow growth in the steel industry, which has not yet reached full capacity.

  • S&B returns to Q3 profitability following Imerys purchase

    17 November 2014

    Despite European markets undergoing their strongest bout of uncertainty since the Eurozone crisis, S&B has returned to profit for Q3 in 2014, in a set of results that will be pleasing to Imerys, which recently announced its acquisition of the bentonite-producing industrial minerals supplier.

  • Prime Meridian to acquire 55% interest in Indian proppant producer Hallmark Minerals

    13 November 2014

    The move to acquire Hallmark shows the Canadian junior's commitment to tackling the global proppant market. It also highlights the shale opportunities in India.

  • Orbite closer to construction of HPA plant in Canada

    07 November 2014

    By completing the installation of the decomposer and calcinatory, the Canadian junior has taken a further step towards commissioning its high-purity alumina plant, while filing another patent application for its processing technology for the recovery of a wide range of minerals and metals.

  • Price Briefing 31 October – 6 November

    06 November 2014

    Chinese bauxite margins under pressure; bromine, calcium carbonate, kaolin and lithium prices increased for 2015.

  • RHI’s revenues decline in Q3 due to depressed glass and non-ferrous metal market

    05 November 2014

    Sluggish demand for glass in a slowly developing construction industry and a depressed non-ferrous metal industry due to falling metal prices have impacted RHI’s refractories business and profits and could force the company to close a site in Europe.

  • Labour, energy and pollution costs put pressure on Chinese refractory bauxite margins

    03 November 2014

    Uncompetitive energy costs and wage hikes encourage tax avoidance in Shanxi Province

  • Video News: Vesuvius retains earning outlook in Q3

    03 November 2014

    Vesuvius retains earning outlook in Q3; Alevo to build energy storage battery plant in US, Sumitomo Corp. starts test production of rare earths in Kazakhstan

  • Tor Minerals post strong results as speciality alumina and barite offset weak TiO2 markets

    03 November 2014

    The set of results show how demand is growing in two of the company’s niche suite of materials —barite and speciality alumina — which is good news for producers engaged in these markets.