Alumina/Bauxite latest news

  • June 2014

    Worldsteel figures underline India, China, growth

    24 June 2014

    The figures from worldsteel show that India continues to grow its domestic production, a point underscored by companies such as IFGL Refractories which are moving to expand capacity for 2015. But figures also show growth in the EU, US and China – good news for refractories producers and the minerals markets which serve them.

  • Large kyanite deposits discovered in Russia

    20 June 2014

    The discovery of huge reserves of the alumino-silicate mineral, kyanite, in the Murmansk region could offer Russian alumina producers new opportunities to reduce their dependence on bauxite, but controversy exists over the profitability of the ore processing.

  • Researchers look to tap rare earths from mine waste

    16 June 2014

    The push to establish new ways of accessing rare earths besides mining have intensified the focus on recycling the minerals from waste streams, including mine tailings and end-of-life consumer products.

  • Antonoil begins ceramic proppant production in China

    16 June 2014

    After completing its ceramic proppant production line in April this year, Antonoil has now been producing material for domestic and international customers for more than two months.

  • Chinese proppant report sheds light on next shale gale

    13 June 2014

    With the IEA this week underlining China’s dependence on gas, a new report produced by IM Research underlines how China’s unconventional gas market will develop – as well as its proppant markets. The report, available to purchase, is the first and only definitive report on China’s oil and gas proppants market.

  • Price Briefing 6 – 12 June

    12 June 2014

    Mineral-based iodine, lithium and magnesia compounds pin hopes on wavering Chinese economy

  • Fracking policies debated across Europe

    11 June 2014

    While some European countries consider whether fracking could be included as part of their energy mix, others face the backlash of introducing policies that support the process amidst environmental opposition.

  • Switzerland leads new calcined clay cement consortium

    11 June 2014

    Funding from the Swiss government will enable the country to lead an international project to market a new type of cement, which could reduce carbon footprint in the global concrete industry by up to 40% as well as the overall costs of production.

  • Vietnam bauxite plant faces fresh controversy after worker death

    10 June 2014

    While the fatality cannot be attributed to the hazardous properties of bauxite red mud waste, the death has stirred up controversy in Vietnam, which is attempting to place itself as an alternative supplier to Indonesia

  • Fracking saved US taxpayers over $1bn in 2012-13

    10 June 2014

    While fracking remains a contentious issue for some, significant energy savings across the US may lead to increased activity in North America’s unconventional oilfields, which could in turn boost the demand for minerals including bentonite, barite, frac sand and other proppant materials.

  • High purity alumina plant study puts AMMG in good opex position

    05 June 2014

    The integrated plant study shows how the company has worked to slash costs and come up with a competitive capex and opex. The company’s lower costs are particularly significant given that comments at this year’s Bauxite and Alumina conference dismissed HPA projects such as this one as not being cost effective, but with a general indication of less than $20/kg the company looks set to be a low-cost producer – providing it secures an offtake partner.

  • Fracking could be made possible on UK private land

    03 June 2014

    While countries like the US have for years drilled for shale gas and oil to add to the global energy mix, the UK has fallen behind as rules and regulations stood in the way. However, the Queen’s speech, due to be delivered tomorrow, could change this by cutting some of that red tape.