Alumina/Bauxite latest news

  • January 2016

    MAL Corp. staff cleared of criminal negligence over toxic alumina spill

    29 January 2016

    The ruling by a court in Hungary has exonerated executives at Magyar Aluminium Corp. for the collapse of a red mud tailings reservoir at the Ajka plant in Veszprem in 2010, which left nine people dead.

  • IREFCON 2016: Indian refractories: Bearish or better in 2016?

    29 January 2016

    Falling steel prices led by the slowdown in China’s economy has driven down Indian steel market growth to a rate of 3% per annum and slashed into India’s refractories sector, prompting calls for protectionist policies to preserve the country’s minerals and metals industries.

  • Florida county bans fracking while bill on process goes to vote

    27 January 2016

    Broward County commissioners in the southeast US state have banned fracking in order to protect Everglades wildlife and water. However, a bill to override local fracking laws and allow the process to take place state-wide could soon negate the decision.

  • Fracking leads to fall in property value, says new report

    25 January 2016

    Fears of groundwater contamination, irrespective of whether or not it has occurred, lead to drop offs in house prices in areas near to fracking operations, research has shown.

  • IREFCON 2016: Indian steel faces continued threat from Chinese imports

    21 January 2016

    As steel production and consumption in India gains pace, domestic producers are concerned about the threat of cheap imports from other Asian suppliers. Measures have been taken to safeguard the industry, but some market participants believe that these may not go far enough.

  • IREFCON 2016: Indian refractories industry to slash costs

    21 January 2016

    As fading steel demand and floundering commodity prices push India’s refractory producers to seek cost-effective substitutes in their manufacturing processes, the temptation to turn to China for cheaper raw materials is likely to damage the country’s mineral producers.

  • US oil and natural gas activity halves in Q4 2015

    20 January 2016

    Figures released by the API indicate that oil and natural gas well completions fell by 51% in the fourth quarter of last year, hindered by falling prices, oversupply and outdated energy policies in the US.

  • Anti-fracking protesters defiant following eviction from UK site

    18 January 2016

    The UK government recently increased the total number of fracking licences granted in the UK by 50%, with IGas included as one of the recipients. The local community and anti-fracking activists in Upton have, however, been less accommodating.

  • Nabaltec US aluminium hydroxide operation unaffected by Sherwin bankruptcy

    15 January 2016

    The German company’s Nashtec subsidiary said its supplier Sherwin will continue its operations as normal as it enters bankruptcy, meaning aluminium hydroxide supply will not be affected.

  • Anti-fracking protesters arrested on IGas UK site

    12 January 2016

    Protestors have been occupying the site in Upton since 2014. With IGas’ planning permission set to expire in May, Cheshire police are carrying out an eviction process, however, this may take longer than expected as campaigners have built fortifications.

  • Morgan opens new ceramic core plant in Wuxi

    11 January 2016

    The UK-listed company’s JV with Yongda Technology is aimed at serving expanding Chinese markets for high performance ceramics in power generation and aerospace.

  • Chinalco mulls closure of Shanxi alumina facility

    11 January 2016

    An announcement by the state-owned aluminium giant was leaked on the Chinese social media site, Weixin, today, stating that the company would cut production or cease operations entirely at its Shanxi-based subsidiary, as falling prices for alumina and aluminium force it to take drastic action.

  • Orbite aims to broaden customer base with new HPA samples

    07 January 2016

    Gamma crystalline-phase HPA was among samples shipped by the junior alumina producer, which hopes to begin commercial production during the current quarter.

  • Packers Plus wins C$7.7m lawsuit for fracking technology patent infringement

    05 January 2016

    Rival Canuck Completions – now part of TMK Completions – has been ordered to pay damages and expenses, in addition to discontinuing its infringement on Packers’ patent for its open Hole Multistage Ball Drop Fracturing Systems.