Alumina/Bauxite pricing news

  • April 2022

    BFA prices slump on falling yuan; WFA, bauxite mostly stable

    29 April 2022

    By Janie Davies, Sybil Pan Prices for brown fused alumina (BFA) dropped sharply over the fortnight to Thursday April 28 on a weakening of the Chinese yuan, while the price for white fused alumina (WFA) was stable on a cif Europe basis, and bauxite prices were mostly steady with tight supply offsetting the lower yuan.

  • Bauxite prices climb on rising freight costs, WFA spread narrows

    18 April 2022

    Refractory-grade bauxite prices mostly ticked upward in the fortnight to Thursday April 14 due to rising land transport costs resulting from China’s Covid-19 control measures. The price of white fused alumina (WFA) went up because of exchange-rate moves while brown fused alumina (BFA) was steady.

  • Fused alumina prices slide on weak demand; logistics under tight Covid-19 controls

    01 April 2022

    Prices for white fused alumina (WFA) showed a second consecutive drop in the two weeks to Thursday March 31, brown fused alumina (BFA) prices fell for a third consecutive fortnight, while bauxite prices were stable. And cross-provincial logistics in China were facing rigid Covid-19-related controls.

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