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  • Andalusite supplies tighten amid high demand and freight delays MMM September 2021

    Tightness in the availability of andalusite, caused by logistical issues affecting delivery schedules on key shipping routes, is being exacerbated by strong demand from the downstream refractories sector. Read More

  • INTERVIEW: ‘We will be seeking a good balance between capital- and knowledge-intensive materials’ - TV Narendran MMM June 2021

    With responsibilities across Tata Steel’s diverse international portfolio of steelmaking assets, chief executive officer and managing director TV Narendran has a wide-ranging view of, and experience in, the global steel industry. He told Kunal Bose about the company’s strategy to thrive in a changing world for major steel producers Read More

  • Andalusite seeks new balance amid shifts in supply, demand MMM September 2020

    The andalusite market has been rocked by a drop in supplies following closures related to the Covid-19 pandemic in producing countries, and a subsequent adjustment in demand in some consuming markets. But sources believe that a new balance is in sight. Read More

  • Andalusite edges towards market stabilisation IM December 2018-January 2019

    Improved production in most mining areas is prompting hopes that andalusite supply tightness may ease in the near to mid term, but prices are expected to stay firm due to strong end markets. Read More

  • 2017: The year of the supply squeeze IM December 2017-January 2018

    If 2016 should be remembered with a shudder, then 2017 will be remembered as the year when it became harder to source minerals. The supply situation changed for many minerals in the markets that Industrial Minerals covers, not least because many producers were simply shut down by strict environmental laws in China, or found it harder to source materials due to demand-side challenges, consultant editor Siobhan Lismore-Scott writes. Read More

  • Andalusite market tightens up IM December 2017-January 2018

    Market patterns in the andalusite trade are likely to change next year because suppliers are fixing shorter contracts while demand is high and output is limited - prices are set to increase. Read More

  • A rock and a hard place IM September 2017

    Demand for refractory products is evolving, forcing suppliers to upgrade their offers and processes to stay ahead of the game, while Chinese-origin raw materials are appreciating on the back of supply shortages, making productions costlier, Davide Ghilotti, IM Chief Reporter, finds. Read More

  • Raw materials trends in refractories IM September 2014

    Over the last two years IM has reported on the shifting trends in the refractories industry, with China looking to reduce wastage and increase energy efficiency. Ted Dickson* explores these various trends and asks – how will this shift impact raw material supply? Read More

  • Andalusite sees demand fire up in refractories IM May 2014 issue

    As conventional raw minerals for refractories are becoming scarcer and more expensive, Antonio Torrisi, Reporter, discovers how andalusite might meet more demand in refractory markets. Read More

  • Andalusite – what does the future hold? IM July 2013

    Andalusite supply looks set to increase dramatically in the near term as several producers work to increase capacity. Charles Carmichael and Siobhan Lismore-Scott, editor, look into the relevant producers and discuss what impact the increase in capacity will have on the market. Read More

  • Industrial Minerals Prices July 2012 July 2012

    Read More

  • Weighing the alternatives October 2011

    Raw materials supply remains one of the chief concerns of the refractories industry. IM talked to the players in the sector to understand what the potential alternatives are for minerals such as bauxite, magnesia, graphite and zircon Read More

  • South Africa: from resources to riches? December 2010

    The Rainbow Nation has significant mineral resources but will have to go through transformation to make the most of them Read More

  • END USER FOCUS: Tundish refractory opportunities April 2010

    A vital element in continuous casting, the tundish has become one of the biggest cost centres in the process, using refractory minerals such as magnesite, andalusite, bauxite, olivine and dunite Read More

  • Sillimanite supply surge February 2010

    Andalusite and kyanite players emerge and expand capacity as sillimanite minerals target bauxite substitution in refractory market recovery Read More

  • Into the fire October 2009

    The refractories industry attempts to ride out the storm as the steel market shows tentative signs of recovery, with China and India first in the queue Read More

  • China’s bauxite blockade July issue 2009

    Refractories market looks to alternative minerals as China further squeezes bauxite exports – but new bauxite sources are emerging Read More

  • Economy crashes, alumina burns February Issue 2009

    The perfect economic storm hits calcined alumina producers as they pay the price for a close relationship with steel. by Simon Moores, Senior Assistant Editor Read More

  • Minerals to the grindstone January Issue 2009

    An abrasives market focus: opportunities have opened up for certain types of abrasive products, especially superabrasives in specific markets. Alison Russell reviews minerals used as abrasives and examines consumption trends within the industry. Read More

  • Indian refractories hot under collar July Issue 2008

    India’s refractory industry has promise, but is struggling. With China restricting raw material supply, and domestic mineral benefi ciation in need of upgrades, the challenges are mounting Read More

  • Golden Autumn in Dalian December Issue 2007

    A report on IM's recent 7th Chinese Industrial Minerals Conference - CIMC 2007, 9-11 October 2007 in Dalian Read More

  • The refractories world today - an overview April Issue 2007

    Functioning as a silent partner to the world’s heavy industry players, the refractories industry is a major supporter of the global economy. Dr Charles E. Semler reviews the current status of the world refractories industry, highlighting trends in demand, mineral consumption, and what the future may hold Read More

  • Andalusite in action April Issue 2007

    In the last five years Andalusite Resources (Pty) Ltd, South Africa, has carved a niche as an alternative independent source of andalusite. Demand growth has generated new projects to increase output and diversify grades. IM checked out ARL’s latest plans Read More

  • Refractory aluminations December Issue 2006

    Geography plays a major part in selecting kyanite or andalusite for the refractories and ceramics market. Here we highlight these sillimanite minerals’ main sources of supply and applications Read More

  • Non-ferrous refractories July Issue 2006

    Alumino-silicate specialities. A systematic approach can be applied to the development of alumino-silicate refractories for special applications. Here, Biswajit Ghosh, R.K. Sinha and A.K. Chattopadhyay of Tata Refractories Ltd discuss two products with similar alumina contents but differing microstructures for use in non-ferrous metallurgy Read More

  • EU H&S policy February Issue 2006

    SMEs are at the core of the EU’s entrepreneurship policy revamp. Michelle Wyart-Remy, IMA Europe General- Secretary, describes the problems industrial minerals SMEs may encounter when facing the EU health and safety programme. Read More

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