China found guilty of refractory brick dumping

By Jessica Roberts
Published: Monday, 23 August 2010

US rules on Chinese exporters of magnesia-carbon bricks after a year long hearing

On 27 July, the US Department of Commerce concluded its year-long antidumping investigation into US imports of Chinese and Mexican magnesia carbon bricks, issuing a resounding ‘guilty’ verdict in its final determinations.

Chinese producers and exporters sold MgO-C refractory bricks into the USA at values ranging 128.1-236% lower than fair value, while Mexican imports were 57.9% below average prices.

The department also concluded that subsidies and financial assistance had been provided to Chinese producers to benefit the “production, manufacture, or exportation” of magnesia carbon bricks, at values between 24.24% and 253.87%.

The USDC’s final announcement, although somewhat of a formality to its preliminary findings, outlines a damning picture of China’s export practices compounded by the Chinese government’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation.

Next up is the final determination of the US International Trade Commission, which will decide whether imports of magnesia carbon bricks from China and/or Mexico materially injure, or threaten material injury to US producers such as petitioner Resco Products Inc.

If the determination, which was due 9 September 2010, is positive, then USDC will instruct Customers and Border Protection to collect antidumping and countervailing duties.

USDC final MgO-C brick dumping rates

Country Producer/exporter Dumping rate
China RHI - Refractories Liaoning Co. Ltd 128.10%
Separate rate respondents
Dashiqiao City Guancheng Refractor Co. Ltd 128.10%
Fengchi Imp. and Exp. Co. Ltd of Haicheng City 128.10%
Jiangsu Sujia Group New Materials Co. Ltd 128.10%
Liaoning Fucheng Refractories Group Co. Ltd 128.10%
Liaoning Fucheng Special Refractory Co. Ltd 128.10%
Liaoning Jiayi Metals & Minerals Co. Ltd 128.10%
Yingkou Bayuquan Refractories Co. Ltd 128.10%
Yingkou Dalmond Refractories Co. Ltd 128.10%
Yingkou Guangyang Co. Ltd 128.10%
Yingkou Jiahe Refractories Co. Ltd. 128.10%
Yingkou Kyushu Refractories Co. Ltd. 128.10%
Yingkou New Century Refractories Ltd. 128.10%
Yingkou Wonjin Refractory Material Co. Ltd 128.10%
China-Wide 236.00%
Mexico RHI-Refmex SA de CV 57.90%
All others 57.90%
Source: USDC