Industrial Minerals Prices March 2013

Published: Friday, 22 February 2013

Bold indicates price change from previous month (it may have changed more than once during the month). All prices are in US$ and quoted per tonne unless indicated. It is not possible to publish prices for all industrial minerals and grades in the space available, these pages comprise a selection of frequently traded minerals. For a wider range and more detail on mineral prices, we refer you to Price Listing on


Calcined 98.5-99.5% Al2O3

bulk FOB US refinery $675-725

Calcined, ground 98.5-99.5% Al2O3,
bulk FOB US refinery $750-850

Calcined, medium-soda Al2O3,
bulk FOB refinery $800-850

Alumina, fused

Brown 95% min. Al2O3,

FEPA F8-220 Grit, FOB China $800-840

Brown 95.5% Al2O3, refractory

lump & sized, FOB China $660-730

White, 25kg bags,

CIF Europe €850-890

Brown 94% Al2O3, FEPA 8-220
mesh refractory (mm) Chinese $750-850

Hydrated Alumina (ATH)

Hydrated alumina (ATH) Damp
(57-60% Al2O3, 5-8% moisture)
Bulk FOB refinery $300-370


57-58% Al2O3, 2,000 tonne

bulk, FCA Mine-RSA €235-280

55-59% Al2O3,

FOB European port €350-425

Antimony Trioxide

Typically 99.5% Sb2O3, 5 tonne lots,

CIF Antwerp/Rotterdam $9900-10000

Typically 99.5% Sb2O3, 20 tonne

lots FOB China $9600-10000

Typically 99.5% Sb2O3, ex-works USA $9600-10000

Ingot, 99.65% min, CIF Rotterdam $11000-12000

Ingot, 99.65% min, FOB China $10400-10800


Contract price, Refractory/abrasive

grade, CIF main European port $2500-3100

Contract price, Ceramic grade

(98% ZrO2 + HfO2), CIF main

European port $3000-3300

Contract price, Ceramic pigment

grade, CIF main European port $3200-3500


Drilling grade

Unground lump

OCMA/API bulk,SG 4.20

FOB Chennai $140-145

FOB Morocco $138-145

FOB China $130-140

C&F North Sea (Moroccan) $145-160

API, CIF Gulf Coast,

Chinese $155-160

Indian $157-171


OCMA bulk, del. Aberdeen £95-105

OCMA bulk, del. Gt Yarmouth £110-120

OCMA/API, big bags (1.5t),

FOB S.Turkey $150-155

SG 4.22, bagged, FOB Morocco $135-147

Paint grade

Ground white 96-98% BaSO4,

350 mesh, 1-5 lots, del. UK £195-220

Chinese lump, CIF Gulf Coast $235-275

Ground, white, 96-98% BaSO4,
325-350 mesh, 1-5 lots, ex-works
USA. $/s. ton $315-400

Chemical grade

Chinese, CIF Gulf Coast $161-180


Refractory grade

Chinese Al2O3/Fe2O3/BD, lumps 0-25mm

Shanxi, FOB Xingang

Round kiln 87/2.0/3.2 $420-435

Round kiln 86/2.0/3.15-3.20 $400-430

Round kiln 85/2.0/3.15 $410-420

Rotary kiln 86/1.8/3.15 $400-420

Rotary kiln 85/1.8/3.15 $400-420

Guizhou, FOB Zhanjiang/Fangcheng

Round kiln 87/2.0/3.2 $400-430

Guyana RASC bauxite, bulk,

FOB Linden $460-510

Abrasive grade


FOB Zhanjiang, China $320-350

Welding grade

FOB Zhanjiang, China $500-520

FOB Linden, Guyana $450-510


Cat litter, grade 1-5mm, bulk,

FOB main European port €42-60

Indian, cat litter grade, crushed,

dried, loose in bulk, FOB Kandla $34-38

OCMA/Foundry grades,

crude & dried, bulk, FOB Milos €60-80

API grade, bagged rail-car,

ex-works Wyoming, per s.ton $90-130

Foundry grade, bagged, railcars,

ex-works Wyoming, per s.ton $97-124

IOP grade, crude, bulk, ex-works

Wyoming, per s.ton $66-72

(Dried material in bulk) FOB Greece,
Û/tonne Û65-75

Cat litter grade, ex-works Wyoming,
USA, $/s.ton $50-60

Fullers’ earth, soda ash-treated,
Civil eng. grade, ex-works, South Africa £50-70

Indian, FOB Kandla, crushed and dried,
loose in bulk, Civil Engineering grade, $32-40

Indian, FOB Kandla, crushed and dried,
loose in bulk, Iron ore pelletising grade $36-38

South African., ex-works Fullers’ earth,
soda ash-treated, Cat litter grade, 1-7mm £27-40

South African., ex-works Fullers’ earth,
soda ash-treated, foundry grade, bagged £60-85

Foundry grade, bulk, del Japan $140-220

Borates/Boron minerals

Boric Acid, FOB Chile $1250-1309

Colemanite, 40% B2O3,
FOB Buenos Aires $690-730

Decathydrate Borax, FOB Buenos Aires $947-979

Ulexite, 40% B2O3, FOB Buenos Aires $666-697

Ulexite, 40% B2O3, FOB Lima $620-652

Ulexite, granular 40% B2O3, FOB Chile $692-734

Borax, PP bags (25kg & 50kg), Boric
acid, gran, tech, FOB Latin America $1200-1310

Borax, PP bags (25kg & 50kg),
Decahydrate borax, gran, tech,
FOB Latin America $910-940

Boric acid, FOB Buenos Aires $1078-1136

Colemanite, 40-42% B2O3,
ground, bagged, FOB Argentina $630-690

Ulexite 46-48% B2O3, FOB Lima $650-710


Purified, bulk, 99.95% Br, domestic
destination, tonne lot, ex-works USA $1.6-1.7

Bulk, purified, 99.95% Br, ex works,
CIF Europe $1.6-1.65

Large contract, Bulk, European $3300-3500

Calcium carbonate

GCC, coated, fine grade,ex-works UK £80-103

GCC, 50-22 microns, FOB USA $21-26

GCC, 22-10 microns, FOB USA $50-105

GCC, 3 microns (untreated), FOB USA $170-185

GCC, stearate coated 1.1-0.7 microns,

FOB USA $270-400

GCC, 1.1-0.7 microns (untreated),

FOB USA $200-290

PCC, Fine, surface treated

(0.4-1 microns), FOB USA $275-375

GCC, coated, chalk, ex-works UK £60-75

PCC, coated, ex-works, UK £370-550

PCC, uncoated, ex-works, UK £340-550


Turkish, 96%, SrSO4,
FOB Iskenderun $90-100


Chemical grade, 46% Cr2O3,

wet bulk , FOB South Africa $320-340

Refractory grade, 46% Cr2O3,

wet bulk , FOB South Africa $425-500

Foundry grade, 46% Cr2O3, wet bulk,

FOB South Africa $360-380

South African, Northwest,
Metallurgical grade, friable lumpy,
40% Cr2O3 $160-185

Sand, moulding grade, 98%
<30 mesh, del UK £390-450

Foundry +47% Cr2O3 dried 1 tonne big
bags FOB South Africa $420-460

Foundry, 45.8% min Cr2O3, wet bulk,
FOB South Africa $360-380

Metallurgical grade, Conc’ 40%,
FOB Northwest, South Africa $160-190


US, calcined filter-aid grade,

FOB plant $575-640

US, flux-calcined filter-aid grade,

FOB plant $580-825


Turkish, Na feldspar, Crude,

-10mm size bulk, FOB Gulluk $22-23

Turkish, Na feldspar, Glass grade,

-500 microns, bagged, FOB Gulluk $70

(-38 micron, FCL’s bagged,>90 Brightness)
FOB Durban, South Africa $168

(Na), ceramic grade, 170-200 mesh,

bagged, ex-works USA, $/s.ton $150-180

Na feldspar, floated -150 microns, bagged,
FOB Gulluk, Turkey $53-55

Na feldspar, floated -500 microns, bulk,
FOB Gulluk, Turkey $38-40


Acidspar filtercake, bulk

Mexican, <5ppm As

FOB Tampico $540-550

Mexican, FOB Tampico $400-450

Chinese wet filtercake,
CIF Rotterdam $500-530

Chinese, wet filtercake,
FOB China $400-415

South African, dry basis,
FOB Durban $380-450

Chinese dry basis,

CIF US Gulf Port $480-600


Chinese, min 85% CaF2, CIF Rotterdam $365-440

Mexican, FOB Tampico $230-270

Chinese, min 80%,

wet bulk, FOB China $315-390

Chinese, min 85% CaF2,

bulk, FOB China $355-375

Chinese bulk, min. 90% CaF2, FOB China $375-460


Amorphous powder 80-85%
Chinese del Europe $500-700

Synthetic fine 97-98% CIF Asia $950-1450

Synthetic fine 98-99% CIF Asia $1000-1500


FCL CIF main European port,

Medium, 85-87%C, +100-80 mesh $900-1150

Fine, 90%C, -100 mesh $850-1050

Medium flake 90% C, +100-80 mesh $950-1200

Large flake, 90% C, +80 mesh $1200-1600

Fine, 94-97%C, -100 mesh $900-1200

Medium, 94-97%C, +100-80 mesh $1050-1400

Large flake 94-97% C, +80 mesh CIF $1400-1800

Synthetic 99.95% C, $ per Kg,

Swiss border $7-20


Australian, bulk concentrates.
min 54% TiO2, FOB $250-350

Australian, spot price,
min 54% TiO2, FOB $250-350


Iodine crystal, 99.5% min, drums,

spot, $/kg $56-65

Iodine crystal, 99.5% min, drums,

contract, $/kg $56-62

Iron Oxide Pigment

Brown type 868, bagged, FOB China $1015-1075

Red type 130 90% Fe2O3, bagged,

FOB China $1434-1637


No 1 paper coating grade,
Ex-Georgia plant, s.ton $161-209

No 2 paper coating grade,
Ex-Georgia plant, s.ton $107.50-166.70


Ex-works USA, 54-60% Al2O3,

raw kyanite, s.ton $224-320

54-60% Al2O3, 22 ton lots,
calcined $373-439


min. 91% TiO2, max. 1% ZrO2, bagged,

FOB West Australia A$1450-1550


Lithium carbonate, del continental,
USA large contracts, $ per lb $2.5-3

Lithium hydroxide, 56.5-57.5% LiOH,

large contracts, packed in drums or bags,

del Europe or USA, $/kg $6.5-7.5

Lithium hydroxide, Chinese, (56.5-57.5% LiOH), packed in drums or bags, large contracts,

del Europe $/kg $6-6.6

Petalite, 4.2% LiO2, FOB Durban, $165-260

Spodumene concentrate, >7.5% Li2O,
CIF USA, s.ton $720-770

Spodumene concentrate, 5% Li2O,
CIF USA, s.ton $460-510

Spodumene concentrate, 7.5% Li2O,

CIF Europe $750-800

Spodumene concentrate, 5% Li2O,

CIF Europe $440-490

Spodumene concentrate, > 7.5% Li2O,

bulk, CIF Asia $720-770

Spodumene concentrate, 5% Li2O,

CIF Asia $300-400


Calcined, 90-92% MgO, lump,

FOB China $303-343

European calcined, agricultural grade,

CIF Europe €240-350


Lump, FOB China

90% MgO $325-480

92% MgO $410-450

94-95% MgO $390-470

97.5% MgO $531-583


Lump, FOB China

96% MgO $750-820

97% MgO $890-1000

98% MgO $1023-1100


Greek, raw, max 3.5% SiO2,

FOB East Mediterranean €65-75


Indian mine scrap green

(Andhra Pradesh) for mica paper,

FOB Madras $300-400

Indian wet-ground, CIF Europe $600-900

Micronised, FOB plant, USA $700-1000

Wet-ground, FOB plant, USA $700-1300

Flake, FOB plant, USA $350-500


Sodium, about 98%, ex-store Chile €550-570


Olivine, refractory grade, bulk,
US ex-plant/mine $75-150


Coarse (filter aid)

FOB east Mediterranean, bulk €70-75

Raw, crushed, grade, big bags

FOB Turkey $95-100

Raw, crushed, grade, bulk

FOB Turkey $80-85


C&F Western Europe, contract,
Standard $445-470

Muriate, KCl, granular, bulk,
ex-works, North America $455-500

Muriate, KCl, standard,
bulk, FOB Vancouver $460-490

Muriate, KCl, standard, bulk, FOB

Baltic $/tonne $450-480

Rare earth minerals

Min 99%, large purchases, FOB China, $/kg

Cerium oxide $12-13

Dysprosium oxide $630-890

Europium oxide $1600-1820

Lanthanum oxide $11-13

Neodymium oxide $80-85

Praesodymium oxide $85-95

Samarium oxide $25-32

Refractory clays/Mullite

Clay, Mulcoa 47% (sized in bulk bags),
for coarse sizing, FOB USA, s.ton $198


Australian concentrate,
min. 95% TiO2, bagged, FOB $1500-1700

Australian concentrate,
min. 95% TiO2, large vol.

for pigment, FOB $1400-1700


Australian solar salt bulk CIF Shanghai, $50

Industrial solar salt, ex-works China $27-29

Industrial vacuum salt,
ex-works China $35-40

Silica sand

Minus 20 micron, FCL, bagged

>92 brightness, FOB Durban $295

Glass sand, container,

ex-works USA $20-26

Silicon carbide

SiC, FEPA 8-220, CIF UK, black, about 99% SiC

SiC Grade 1 €1900-2100

SiC Grade 2 €1500-1650

Refractory grade,

min 98% SiC €1500-1800

min 95% SiC €1350-1450

Soda ash

Chinese synthetic soda ash,
dense & light, CIF Far East $295-330

Chinese synthetic soda ash,
dense & light, FOB China $220-240

Indian synthetic soda ash,

dense & light, Domestic
ex-works India $300-348

Indian synthetic soda ash, dense

& light, Export C&F India $210-230

US natural, large contract,
FOB Wyoming $210-230

European synthetic, dense & light,
Large Contracts ex-works €190-210

TiO2 pigment

Bulk volume, per tonne

CFR Asia $2700-3000

CIF Northern Europe €3150-3400

CIF USA $3200-3500

CIF Latin America, per lb $1.6-1.9


South African, bulk, FOB

Antwerp $400-850


US ex-works, s.ton Acicular minus

200 mesh $210-240

325 mesh $220-250

Acicular (15:-1-20:1 aspect ratio) $444

Chinese, FOB, tonne Acicular minus

200 mesh $80-90

325 mesh $90-100


FOB Australia, bulk shipments

Premium $1350-1550

Standard $1250-1550

FOB USA, bulk shipments

Premium $2600-3000

Standard $2550-2750

FOB South Africa, bulk shipments

ceramic grade $2300-2650

Micronised zircon

99.5% <4µ, average particle size <0.95µ,
C&F Asia, $2750-2800

Fused zirconia

Monoclinic, refractory/abrasive, contract,

CIF main European port $6500-7800

Monoclinic, Ceramic pigment grade,
Contract price, CIF main European
port $3800-4800

Monoclinic, Structural ceramic/
electronic grade, Contract price,
CIF main European port $4600-6000

Monoclinic, Technical ceramic,
grade, Contract price, CIF main
European port $15900-21000

Stabilised, Refractory grade,
Contract price, CIF main European
port $6500-7800

Stabilised, Technical ceramic grade,
Contract price, CIF main European
port $50000-100000

Zircon Opacifiers

Micronised zircon, 100% < 6 microns,
average 1-2 microns, bagged,
CFR Asia $2845-3400

Micronised zircon, 100% < 6 microns,
average 1-2 microns, bagged,
ex-works Europe $2770-3400

Antimony trioxide typically 99.5% SbO3, 20 tonne lots FOB China, $/tonne

Prices for antimony trioxide have reportedly firmed up thanks to stabilising prices for antimony metal, although the mineral has yet to make up value it lost in January. Although antimony metal prices are around 7.7% lower than they were at the beginning of the year, these have remained steady since mid-January and have helped to halt the slide in antimony trioxide prices.

Barytes, Drilling Grade. API unground lump FOB China $/tonne

Chinese barite prices continued to slide this month as the North American drilling industry slowed down and inventories in China continue to mount. Stockpiles at the ports and rail yards have also increased over the last six-to-eight months causing more costs to suppliers. As a result of this stockpiling, lease rates have increased at the ports in China for storage, which has also put downward pressure on prices.

Europium oxide, min 99%, FOB, China, $/kg, Bulk

Prices for rare earths have continued to slide this month despite positive market projections. Prices for neodymium, cerium, europium, samarium and lanthanum oxide prices remained essentially flat at year-end levels, market sources indicated.

Graphite, Flake, 90% C, +100 mesh -80 mesh, FCL, CIF, Europe port, $/tonne

European sources have reported softening values for graphite in February 2013. One European source speculated that the softness may have been caused by producers trying to clear their stocks before Chinese New Year.

Iodine crystal, 99.5% min, drums, spot & contract, $/kilo

Iodine prices have fallen sharply since December to around $60/kg, market sources have indicated. A US source said that owing to the arrival on the market of new iodine production from ACF Minera’s Algorte Norte project in Chile, prices were placed “under pressure” in December, pushing values for both spot and contract orders below the $80/kg mark.

Magnesia, calcined, 90-92% MgO, FOB China, $/tonne

Fused magnesia and dead burned magnesia prices out of China fell at the end of last year, sources confirmed to IM. Prices have fallen around 5% compared to levels at the beginning of the year, due to a slow down of activity and sluggish demand. Magnesite production has fallen off in China, according to reports, as global demand has waned on the back of the global economic downturn.

Samarium oxide, min 99%, FOB, China, $/kg, Bulk

Samarium oxide prices dipped sharply in January, falling from a range of $32-60/kg down to $25-32/kg. Market sources said this was largely due to a lack of activity over Christmas coupled with buyers clearing inventories.

Zircon, premium grade, bulk, FOB Australia, $/tonne

Zircon prices dipped slightly at the beginning of 2013 as volatility continued to rock the market. Several market sources have indicated difficulty as the construction industry slowly begins to pick up.

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