CERAMICS CHINA 2013: Technology goes first

Published: Friday, 22 February 2013

Guangzhou based show confronts a downshift in global economy

CERAMICS CHINA 2013, the largest and arguably most important ceramics industry exhibition in the world, will this year see an area of 80 000m2 covered with 4500 booths in the Canton Fair Complex.

The industry will gather to discuss issues facing the industry including: over capacity, excessive mining and serious environment pollution. It will also showcase solutions for better environmental friendly performances in its energy saving and emission reduction technology and equipment area.

The four-day show is estimated to have 800 exhibitors showcasing their products and technologies from 29th May to 1st June.

Eight sectors will be highlighted in the show, including the energy saving and emission reduction technology and equipment area, automation technology and equipment area, ceramic inkjet printing and application area, ceramic high-tech area (international hall), decorative material area, raw material, anti-friction material and fire resistance area, moulds, tools and spare parts area, ceramic creative products area.

Automation is always the solution to decreasing cost in labour and production.

Today, this is not only the solution but also the trend. As a show aiming to lead the industry trend, CERAMICS CHINA 2013 will present an abundance of advanced and quality automated products in the Automation Technology & Equipment Area.

Another well-known trend is the inkjet printing adopted in ceramics industry. CERAMICS CHINA 2013 will extend the technology and encourage it to cover more ceramic manufacturers.

Since its appearance in CERAMICS CHINA 2009, inkjet printing technology has been the highlight of the show, attracting hundreds of thousands of insiders. Riding on the number of 30 inkjet printing companies in the last show, Unifair will forge a highly professionalized Ceramic Inkjet Printing and Application Area in 2013. Insiders can check out the latest ceramic inkjet printing application, such as inkjet microlite, inkjet wood finish, inkjet rustic tiles, inkjet ceramic chips, etc.

CERAMICS CHINA 2013 is not only scaling up, but upgrading itself as the platform to showcase and share the latest technology. The show is eager for your presentation in Guangzhou.