Flake prices settle higher than expected

By Simon Moores
Published: Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Prices for medium and large flake graphite stabilise 60% higher than pre-recession levels

The price of medium to large flake graphite material has stabilised at higher levels than expected following a fall from unprecedented highs of 2011.

+100 mesh and +80 mesh material ranging from 90 to 94% C has settled in Q1 2013 at, on average, 46% lower than prices in 2011, the highest the industry has ever seen. 

The industry saw continuous price decreases for a 6 month period between April 2012 and October 2012 but a period of stabilisation has since taken hold.

Despite the significant drop, many minerals have fared far worse with fluorspar hitting all-time lows following a similar 2011 peak.

To put this in context, flake prices are 60% higher than pre-recession levels (2008-2009) as is demonstrated by viewing our +80 mesh, 94-97% C price in the IM Data database (see above).

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