Video news: DuPont looks at divesting TiO2; barite prices fall

Published: Thursday, 08 August 2013

Lithium-manganese dioxide battery causes Dreamliner fire; world steel output up

On this week’s programme IM reports that leading titanium dioxide pigment producer DuPont will look at divesting its TiO2 business to become a higher growth, less cyclical company.

IM reports that barite prices in China, Morocco and India have all fallen for July as oilfield demand remains soft, while SG 4.2 grades are selling at a higher price than SG 4.1 in all three regions.

The programme also covers how the fire aboard a parked Boeing 787 at London Heathrow earlier this month was caused by the lithium-manganese dioxide battery located in the plane’s Emergency Locator Transmitter.

And finally, IM reports that production of crude steel saw a solid uptick in June led by growth in China.