I-Minerals to be an important feldspar supplier in North America

By Antonio Torrisi
Published: Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Imerys remains largest supplier, no plans to close Spruce Pine

We strive for editorial excellence at Industrial Minerals (IM) but sometimes, rarely, we fall short. On 7 November we published an article which contained several inaccuracies. Below is the corrected version of the article. IM apologises for any inconvenience the misinformation caused. 

I-Minerals Inc., a US-based junior mining company, could be an important feldspar supplier in North America.

The company however, will still remain second to Imerys Spruce Pine operations in North Carolina, which now form part of its subsidiary, The Quartz Corp.


“[Imerys] continues and will continue to be the largest producer of white firing feldspar in North America. There are no plans to close the Spruce Pine operations, they have more than 50 years of reserves at their current market requirements,” the company told IM.


Imerys is closing its potassium feldspar operations in Georgia.

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