Video News: Refractories report from MagMin 2014

Published: Monday, 09 June 2014

Also this week: six new minerals added to EU critical materials list; TYCO unveils new system; PhosAgro helicopter crashes in Russia; IM Data launches Tesla report

This week on IMTV, we report on events from MagMin 2014, which was held in Budapest at the beginning of June. Among the topics discussed was a warning from Austria-based RHI, which said that the refractories industry cannot continue to rely on cheap magnesia products from China.

Also this week, six new minerals – including magnesite, borates and phosphate rock – have been added to the EU’s list of critical raw materials; and Tyco Fire Protection Products unveiled its new Checkfire detection and actuation system at a distributor event in Madrid.

IMTV also reports on the news that a helicopter belonging to Russian fertiliser producer OJSC Apatit has crashed into Munozero Lake in the Murmansk region of Russia leaving only two known survivors.

Finally, hear how you can download your free IM Data reports on how Tesla Motors’ proposed Gigafactory will affect the demand for critical minerals, graphite, lithium and cobalt.