Graphite price tracker: July 2014

By Shruti Salwan, Andrew Miller
Published: Thursday, 10 July 2014

IM Data outlines the key flake graphite price trends of the past 18 months

Flake graphite prices showed signs of recovery in Q2 2014, with China’s flake graphite consolidation plans increasing fears of a supply squeeze. 

Despite suppliers attempted to leverage higher prices following the news of impending closures in Heilongjiang province, increases were short-lived, with weak demand leaving prices only marginally higher over the quarter.

Although these supply-side issues prompted the first signs of an upturn in prices for over 18 months, sales remained slow across the market.

Here IM Data’s Price Tracker monitors the movement of five key flake graphite grades since Q1 2013.
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Q2 Price Review:

• Consolidation plans, which could reduce output by up to 60,000 tpa, were announced in Heilongjiang province in April 2014.

• Flake graphite sales improved in May 2014, as consumers replenished inventories.

• Fears of a potential supply squeeze cause Chinese producers to up list prices.

• By early June, market prices had increased in reaction to Heilongjiang supply issues.

• Weak demand saw prices stabilise at slightly higher levels by the end of Q2 2014.


• On average, prices up 2.7% over Q2 2014, but down 15.1% on Q1 2013.
• Prices for 94-97% C grades up 4.5% in May 2014.

• Biggest rebound in prices for 94-97%, 80 mesh grades from Qingdao, China (FOB).

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