Video News: China to launch spot trading platform for graphite

Published: Monday, 15 September 2014

Ilmenite prices will continue to fall in the near future; water shortage to be a serious risk for oil & gas industry; Tesla will build its Li-ion battery Gigafactory in Nevada

On this week's IMTV, a group of Chinese local governments and private companies signed the Qingdao International Graphite Exchange agreement at the Grapchina 2014 graphene conference in Ningbo, Zhenjiang province, China.

Although market sources were initially sceptical about the impact of the spot exchange, as more details emerged it become clear that it formed part of a wider plan to create a Chinese rival to the London Metal Exchange.

A number of traders have said that a near term upswing in the mineral sands market is not going to happen, contrary to what has been expected by several ilmenite producers over the last year.

Traders based in Asia went as far as to say that prices for ilmenite may well go down in the near future, as supply chain mismanagement and unsuitable pricing strategies have gone hand in hand with weaker economic conditions and soft demand from the TiO2 pigment industry.

A report published last week by the World Resources Institute (WRI) found that the lack of water availability on the planet could seriously hinder the development of the shale gas industry, with 40% of the 20 countries with the largest resources facing high water stress conditions.

And finally, Tesla announced last week that it will build its lithium-ion battery Gigafactory in Nevada. The news was welcomed by graphite and lithium producers who have projects nearby.