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By Antonio Torrisi
Published: Monday, 22 September 2014

First Bauxite CEO Alan Roughead discusses plans to develop refractory grade bauxite in Australia

What are the main differences between this new role and your previous role as CEO of Queensland Magnesia?

My previous role was in a mature operating business whereas the current role is taking a business from the exploration, development and feasibility stage through to project construction and operation.

What will your main responsibility be as a CEO of a junior company that aims to enter the bauxite market?

Responsibilities include leading the development and implementation of the company’s strategic plan, and optimisation of its resource base to produce and sell sintered bauxite, refractory and ceramic proppant products. A key function will be securing project financing for the development and construction of the high quality bauxite resource.

What are the major plans to bring First Bauxite in production?

First Bauxite is undertaking a major review of its project strategy for the Bonasika Project, which will cover the potential production of mullite and sintered bauxite for the refractory market, a range of ceramic proppant products for the fracking market and chemical grade raw bauxite. As well as this, a potential increase in project capacity is being assessed and the company is evaluating a more cost effective energy source.

How are you planning to secure funding to continue with the development of your main bauxite asset, the Bonasika project in Guyana?

This will first require completing the review of the project strategy and the existing feasibility study to determine if a new project concept can be developed with an acceptable level of return and risk profile. From that point, funding of the project can be considered. However, it is too early to be specific on the precise nature or composition of the funding.

What are your plans regarding the other bauxite assets, Essequibo-Demerara and Tarakuli in Guyana?

These are currently under review by the board.

Have you contacted any other parties to set up supply agreements?

We have previously discussed supply arrangements for sintered bauxite with refractory producers. Future supply arrangements for mullite, sintered bauxite and proppants will be discussed with potential customers as part of the project strategy review.

What is your current view of the bauxite market and its near-term outlook, considering the progressively deteriorating supply from China and Indonesia’s ban on bauxite exports?

The North American and European refractory markets are mature and have limited growth potential. However, we think there is scope for another player in the mullite market, which is dominated by one supplier and also the sintered bauxite market, which is dominated by China. We are very excited about the prospects of the ceramic proppant market especially in North America, which is growing very strongly and is heavily import reliant.

Finally, how do you spend your spare time?

CEO’s generally have limited spare time but, coming into my first Canadian winter, understanding the rules of ice hockey will probably be on the list!

Jim Rogers has been voted in as an independent non-executive director of PhosAgro.

Commerce Resources Corp.

John Christopher Gove has been appointed president of the company.

HAVER Southern Africa

Demelza Mulligan has replaced Joachim Hoppe as manager.

Western Potash

Bing Pan has been appointed as chief operations officer and president, effective immediately.

LKAB Minerals

Rob Lammertink has been appointed as R&D manager.

Stonegate Agricom Ltd

Mark N J Ashcroft resigned as president, CEO and director of the company in September. Co-chairman Ian McDonald and Kerry Knoll will jointly carry out CEO responsibilities until a replacement is found.

Bacanora Minerals Ltd

Rare Earth Minerals CEO Kiran Morzaria has been appointed as a non-executive director of Bacanora with immediate effect. Rare Earth Minerals holds an 11.9% share in Bacanora.

DuPont Holdings

Carl Lukach has been appointed as vice president, treasury, tax and investor relations for the new performance chemicals company, which is expected to be separated from DuPont mid-2015. Gregory Friedman succeeds Lukach as vice president of investor relations for Dupont.

Quest Rare Minerals

Pierre Lortie has been appointed as chairman of the board and director, replacing Robert Leclerc.

Phosphate Holdings Inc.

Stephen S Russo has been appointed as CEO, replacing interim CEO James Sherbert.

NioCorp Developments Ltd

Neal S Shah has been appointed as vice president.

Dow Chemical Company

Jack Broodo, president of Dow Chemical Canada ULC and director of feedstocks for the company’s North and Latin America regions, has been named vice president of investor relations for the company.

Navin Fluorine International Ltd

Smt Radhika Haribhakti has been appointed as an additional director and independent director of the board.


Norman Steiner will remain chairman of the company’s board until May 2017 and Burkhard Lohr will remain in his post as CFO until May 2020.

Celamin Holdings Ltd

Gary Scanlan has been appointed as a non executive director of the board and chairman of the audit committee.