Fluorspar Price Tracker: February 2015

By Shruti Salwan
Published: Wednesday, 18 February 2015

IM Data outlines the key acidspar price trends seen in H2 2014

Acid-grade fluorspar (acidspar) prices dropped by an average of 10% in H2 2014, as limited demand and inventories backlog throughout the fluorspar supply chain pulled selling values to new lows.

While FOB China prices were seen hovering around the $300/tonne mark, supplies into India and Japan remained steady around the $310/tonne level, with buyers benefitting from excessive stockpiles lying with producers in China.

The biggest decreases, however, were recorded by FOB South Africa and CIF Europe grades, with traders in the region competing with low Chinese prices, causing oversupply in Europe, further contributing to the downward trend in prices.

Prices have been settling at lower levels owing to prevailing uncertainty in the market. Weak demand from fluorochemical markets, coupled with high inventories and new capacities coming on stream, will continue to weigh adversely on fluorspar prices.

Here, IM Data's Price Tracker monitors the movement in acidspar prices across four common trade routes over the past 12 months.

For more detailed pricing information please visit  IM Data's Pricing Database.

 H2 2014 Price Review

·      Continued congestion across fluorine supply chain pushed down Chinese prices further in August 2014.

·     Acidspar prices from Africa and  into Europe started dwindling in September 2014 with traders elsewhere trying to compete with low-cost Chinese suppliers struggling to clear inventories.

·      Overcapacity in China’s fluorocarbon market caused stagnation in fluorspar consumption preventing any potential recovery in prices approaching Q4 2014.

·      Winter failed to fuel fluorspar upturn, despite some mines suspending.

·      Prices into Europe succumbed to low-cost supplies and rising inventories with new capacities reaching the market by the end of Q4 2014.


·    On average, Chinese prices dropped by 10.4% in Q4 2014 when compared to the highs of Q1 2014.
·   The biggest decreases in H2 2014 were seen in FOB China price of acidspar, 97% CaF2, wet filtercake.
·   CIF prices for acidspar, 97% CaF2, wet filtercake, were down by over 22% since July 2014.

 IM Data Fluorspar Price Index-2.png

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