Frac Sand 2015: Will there be blood?

By Kasia Patel
Published: Thursday, 03 September 2015

As oil and gas prices continue to bounce along what may prove to be a false bottom to the market, some attendees at this year’s IM Frac Sand Conference in Minnesota were warning of “bloodbaths” as a savage cut back in consumption slashes deep into the US frac sand industry. Others see the downturn as a chance to rebalance supply and demand and promote technical innovation.

Delegates at IM’s 3rd Frac Sand conference in Minnesota, US warned that they are anticipating further silica (frac) sand price declines and additional waves of cost-cutting and consolidation.

Rick Shearer, CEO of Superior Silica Sands, told the meeting that the oil price will remain in the $38-50/barrel range until at...