Chinese metspar exports up; acidspar exports nosedive

By Kasia Patel
Published: Thursday, 26 January 2017

After a decline in the third quarter of 2016, metspar exports from China for November once again recouped volumes and values, while acidspar export volumes between October and November saw a steep decline.

Metspar exports from China saw an uptick back up to higher levels in November 2016 after seeing a decline between August and September. This was in contrast with acidspar exports which slumped in November 2016.

According to official Chinese customs data, metspar exports increased to 16.93m kg in November, up 19% year-on-year (y-o-y) and up 16% compared with 14.59m kg exported in October.

Metspar exports from the country hit a peak of 21.15m kg in June 2016, following which they held steady at between 14-16.9m kg with the exception of September, which saw a dip to 9.76m kg – a decline of 21% y-o-y and 41% month-on-month (m-o-m).

The total value of metspar exports in November, the most recently available figures from China at time of publication, reached $3.87m, a 15% increase y-o-y and a 19% increase from October, when the value of exports totalled $3.26m.

Average export values for metspar showed a slight uptick to $228.7/tonne in November compared with $223.7/tonne the previous month.

Imports of metspar into China meanwhile increased on a monthly basis from 6.2m kg in October to 7.35m kg in November. On a yearly basis the import figure represented a 2% decline – a much smaller y-o-y difference compared with October imports, which fell 18% y-o-y.

The value of metspar imports in November increased to $960,526, compared with a value of $868,039 the previous month.

However, on a per tonne basis imports of metspar into China fell to $131/tonne, down from $140/tonne in October. This compares to a per tonne value of $129 in November and $152 in October the previous year.

Acidspar exports down

For acidspar, meanwhile, exports slumped to 8.04m kg in November from 20.74m kg in October. 

However the decline in total value of the exports ($4.75m in October to $2m in November) was not nearly as steep thanks to a higher per tonne average value of acidspar ($250/tonne in November vs. $229/tonne in October).

On a y-o-y basis November exports were also down compared to the 9.02m kg exported in November 2015 and an average value of $292/tonne.

In contrast, acidspar imports saw a slight uptick m-o-m to 2,805kg at a value of $8,188 in November, up from 2,095kg at a value of $5,703 in October.

November import values and volumes were down compared with the previous year however, when China imported 3,375 kg acidspar at a value of $9,910.

Metspar import and exports volumes 
Source: China customs 

Average metspar values $/tonne
Source: China customs 

Acidspar export volumes from China 
Source: China customs 

Acidspar import volumes into China 
Source: China customs