Thiele Kaolin acquires Short Mountain Silica

By Yoke Wong
Published: Thursday, 27 April 2017

US producer Thiele Kaolin has bought a silica sand producer as part of a diversification strategy.

US-based producer Thiele Kaolin of Sandersville, Georgia has acquired the silica sand and trucking operations of Short Mountain Silica, the company said on 7 April.  

Short Mountain Silica has manufacturing operations located in Mooresburg, Tennessee, and produces silica sand for applications in glass and glazing. It also produces traction sand with dust suppressant, filter sand for municipalities, and bright white sand for golf courses, lawn, landscape, and recreation needs.

The 30-year-old company also owns a fleet of trucks and trailers that can deliver material to major US cities which include Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Louisville, and Cincinnati, according to Short Mountain Silica. 

"The acquisition of Short Mountain supports the company’s strategic plan initiatives to diversify our business, provide future avenues for growth and to generate additional value for our shareholders," said Eric Tillirson, president of Thiele Kaolin company. 

Thiele Kaolin is one of the world’s leading producers of hydrous and calcined clay in Georgia,  with manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe.

As both companies are privately held entities details of the transaction are not publicly disclosed. 

This article from the May  Industrial Minerals magazine was   first published online    on 10 April 2017.