Iluka’s zircon: The importance of the Eucla Basin, Kazakhstan’s potential

By Cameron Perks
Published: Thursday, 07 June 2018

As zircon prices continue to rise, what is Iluka, the world’s most significant zircon producer, doing to alleviate tight global zircon supply, and how significant is the Eucla Basin in terms of supply security? Industrial Minerals’ Australia correspondent, Cameron Perks, takes a look at the company’s expansion efforts, and explorations that could have an effect on zircon supplies.

The Eneabba region in Western Australia has been exploited for its high-quality zircon since the 1970s. The industry’s 'DE’ measurement, which measures the whiteness of a tile glaze that an opacifier produces, was named after the deposit: Delta to Eneabba.
And from the creation of Iluka in 1998, the company...