Trade log August 2018: Lithium

By Martim Facada
Published: Friday, 03 August 2018

The trade log for battery-grade lithium carbonate in China including trades, bids and offers reported to Metal Bulletin.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are per tonne on an ex-works China basis. Delivered prices are netted back.

Industrial Minerals prices

Click here for Industrial Minerals' price assessment for lithium carbonate min 99.5% Li2CO3 battery grade, spot price range, ex-works China, yuan per tonne.

Industrial Minerals' lithium trade logs are available on a weekly basis every Friday after the weekly spot market assessments conducted every Thursday at 4pm. As per our methodology, Industrial Minerals takes into account minimum lot sizes of 5 tonnes to capture the price in the Chinese domestic spot market.

The exchange rate according to on Monday July 30 was 102,000 yuan to $14,971.

Thursday August 2

Price assessed at 94,000-102,000 yuan per tonne
200 tonnes purchased at 95,000 yuan
5 tonnes purchased between 94,000-95,000 yuan
50 tonnes sold at 102,000 yuan
20 tonnes sold between 100,000-102,000 yuan
5 tonnes sold at 100,000 yuan
Offer at 85,000 yuan (outlier)
Deal heard between 90,000-96,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 101,000-105,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 98,000-105,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 95,000-100,000 yuan
Prices indicated between 95,000-100,000 yuan
Prices indicated at 100,000 yuan
Prices indicated at 95,000 yuan
Prices indicated at 90,000 yuan (outlier)
Prices indicated between 80,000-90,000 yuan (outlier)

Learn more about Industrial Minerals' lithium pricing methodology here and see the lithium price spotlight here.

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