PRICING NOTICE: Discontinuation of silica sand, feldspar prices

By IM Staff
Published: Tuesday, 05 February 2019

Fastmarkets will discontinue its feldspar and silica sand prices, while it expands the sand price offering on existing core markets.

Fastmarkets is discontinuing the following assessments from its price book:

Silica sand


After a consultation period, Fastmarkets has decided to delist these prices due to limited interest in the market, the presence of available alternatives as part of the existing price book and as part of its overarching focus on its core prices.

The following silica sand prices will be delisted with effect from Wednesday February 6, 2019:

While these prices are being delisted, Fastmarkets IM continues to publish an extensive range of prices that can be suited to the needs of subscribers following sand prices in the foundry, glass and ceramics spaces.

For those subscribers following foundry sand prices, Fastmarkets IM assesses two grades of foundry grade chromite and one grade of zircon, all used in the foundry industry. These grades are assessed weekly and are available as follows:

Additionally, Fastmarkets IM has recently expanded its sand pricing offering for North America with the launch of three frac sand prices for northern white sand

The three new prices join another frac sand price that was launched late last year, bringing Fastmarkets’ price offering in the frac sand space to four monthly prices, listed below:

While a primary application for these prices is in fracking and oilfield, northern white sand has historically been referenced to in the industry and used in applications ranging from foundry to glass-making.

The following feldspar prices will also be delisted with effect from Wednesday February 6, 2019:

All historical data relating to these prices prior to their discontinuation will remain available in the pricing section of the Fastmarkets IM website.

To provide feedback on this notice, please contact Davide Ghilotti by email at: Please add the subject heading FAO: Davide Ghilotti, re: [the price in question].

To see all of Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents, go to

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