PRICING NOTICE: Discontinuation of fused magnesia fob Europe price

By William Clarke
Published: Friday, 17 May 2019

Fastmarkets IM has today discontinued its assessment for fused magnesia, fob Europe, $/tonne.

After a consultation period, Fastmarkets IM has discontinued its fused magnesia fob Europe price due the small number of fused magnesia producers in Europe.

This price will be replaced by magnesia cif Europe prices to capture increased liquidity by including imported material.

If you have any comments on the discontinuation of this price, please contact William Clarke by email at: Please add the subject heading FAO: William Clarke, re: magnesia.

All historical data relating to this price/index prior to its suspension will remain available in the pricing section of the Fastmarkets IM website.

To see all Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents go to

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