PRICING NOTICE: Discontinuation of mullite pricing

By William Clarke
Published: Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Fastmarkets has today discontinued two mullite price assessments.

After a consultation period, Fastmarkets is discontinuing the following assessments from its price book:

MB-REC-0010 Clay, Mulcoa 47% run of kiln, fob Andersonville, $ per short ton

MB-REC-0008 Clay, Mulcoa 70% (sized in bulk bags), for coarse sizing, fob US, $ per short ton

These prices were initially suspended in January 2019 after consultation with the market. Fastmarkets has decided to discontinue these prices from today, Tuesday July 28, due to limited interest in the markets.

Discussions with the markets continue on the possibility of launching new mullite prices to replace these.

If you have any comments on the discontinuation of these prices, please contact William Clarke by email at: Please add the subject heading FAO: William Clarke, re: Mullite.

To see all of Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents, go to


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