GLOBAL GRAPHITE SNAPSHOT: Prices stable but freight costs, new material sources add uncertainty

By Jon Stibbs, Sybil Pan
Published: Thursday, 04 March 2021

Key data from the graphite pricing sessions in Asia and Europe for the week ended Thursday March 4.

Assessment (in $ per tonne) This week's price Previous week's price Weekly % change
Graphite flake, 94% C, +100 mesh, cif Europe 925 925 0
Graphite flake, 94% C, -100 mesh, cif Europe 600 600 0
Graphite flake, 94% C, +80 mesh, cif Europe 1,020 1,020 0
Graphite flake, 94% C, +100 mesh, fob China 890 890 0
Graphite flake, 94% C, -100 mesh, fob China 560 560 0
Graphite flake, 94% C, +80% mesh, fob China 1,100 1,100 0
Graphite spherical, 99.95% C, 15 microns, fob China 2,500-2,750 2,500-2,750 0
Graphite amorphous, 80% C, -200 mesh, fob China 315-360 315-360 0
Graphite amorphous, 80-85% C, -200 mesh, cif Europe 405-515 405-515 0



  • The flake graphite markets were stable and the spot seaborne market was quiet. Demand was recovering only slowly, with business having performed better before the Lunar New Year holiday, industry participants said.
  • News of Syrah Resources’ restart has not affected market sentiment in the short term. But there was concern among some market participants that additional material from Syrah could disrupt the current supply-demand balance.
  • The spherical graphite market remained quiet for a fifth consecutive session after rising at the end of January.


  • The European flake graphite market was stable but there were reports of considerable pricing uncertainty due to variable transportation costs, especially from China, and the availability of material.
  • Strength in the steel market in Eastern Europe has trickled down into increased buying appetite for graphite flake 94% C, +100 mesh, cif Europe, with availability seen as a more important selling factor than price, according to one market participant.


Following consultation with the market, Fastmarkets will price the amorphous graphite markets during the third week of every month. Prices shown relate to February 18, with the next assessment due on March 18.


Graphite flake premium calculator

The Value in Use (VIU) was updated to 5% on January 1 for the first quarter of 2021 from 4.8% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Adjustment This quarter's VIU Previous quarter's VIU Quarterly change
Carbon VIU in % 5 4.8 0.2


Graphite VIU

The Carbon-VIU measures, in percentage terms, the price value of one extra % of carbon content as reported in the market.

The VIU is calculated using statistical methods and the large amount of prices and data collected by Fastmarkets. The VIU shown is the value implied by the market and not an in-house assessment.

An example of what the Carbon VIU means practically: A published Carbon VIU of 7% means that material with a 95% carbon content is priced by the market, on average, 7% more expensive than 94% carbon content material, assuming other factors are equal.

Likewise, it means that 96% carbon content material would be 7% more expensive than 95% material, and that 97% carbon content material would be 7% more expensive than 96% material or 21% more expensive than 94% carbon.

For more information, to provide feedback on this graphite snapshot or if you would like to contribute to the price discovery process, please contact Jon Stibbs or Sybil Pan by email at: Please add the subject heading "FAO: Jon Stibbs/Sybil Pan - graphite."

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