PRICING NOTICE: Launch of cif Southeast Asia soda ash price

By Michael Greenfield, Michael Greenfield
Published: Friday, 07 May 2021

Fastmarkets launched a new price assessment for soda ash, natural and synthetic, dense and light, cif Southeast Asia, on Friday May 7.

After a one-month consultation period, which ended on May 6, Fastmarkets decided to launch the new assessment to accurately price this high-growth market in which producers from Europe, Turkey, the United States and China are actively competing.


The new price assessment is for:

Soda ash, natural and synthetic, dense and light, cif Southeast Asia, $ per tonne

Quality: White salt, Na2CO3

Quantity: Minimum 35,000 tonnes

Location: cif Southeast Asia main port (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines)

Timing: Spot sales, plus monthly, quarterly, biannual, yearly and multi-year contracts.

Unit: US$ per tonnes

Publication: Monthly, last Thursday of the month, 4pm London time.


The first assessment for the new price will be on Thursday May 27.


The prices which will be discontinued are:

MB-SOA-0005 Soda ash, natural, dense, large contracts, fob Wyoming, US, $ per tonne

MB-SOA-0001 Soda ash, natural, dense, small contracts, fob Wyoming, US, $ per tonne

MB-SOA-0009 Soda ash, synthetic, dense and light, domestic, ex-works India, $ per tonne.


The two US prices were deemed not to be reflective of the market, given that the specifications capture both export and domestic prices.

And the domestic India price was no longer reflective of market conditions because India is importing soda ash in increasing volumes.

Fastmarkets has no financial interest in the level or direction of the index.

To provide feedback on this price, or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to this price, please contact Michael Greenfield by email at Please add the subject heading 'FAO Michael Greenfield re: soda ash cif Southeast Asia.’

To see all Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents, go to:


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