Amendment to terminology used in Fastmarkets' titanium dioxide pigment price assessment

By Claire Patel-Campbell
Published: Wednesday, 05 January 2022

Fastmarkets has identified a necessary amendment to the terminology used in one of its titanium dioxide price assessments.

The price previously listed as titanium dioxide pigment, sulfite grade, fob China is now listed as titanium dioxide pigment, sulfate grade, fob China, reflecting the correct name of the process involved in producing the material.

Fastmarkets confirms that the amendment is as follows, in Italics:

MB-TI-0009 Titanium dioxide pigment, sulfate grade, fob China, $ per tonne
Quality: Sulfate grade
Quantity: Min 20 tonnes
Location: fob China
Timing: Spot
Unit: $ per tonne
Payment terms: 30 days
Publication: Weekly, Thursday, 4pm London time

For more information, or to provide feedback on this price, or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to this price, please contact Claire Patel-Campbell by email at: Please add the subject heading "FAO: Claire Patel-Campbell, re: titanium dioxide specification."

To see all Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents, go to:

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