Borates/Boron Minerals features

  • The peaks and troughs of Eurasian mining IM May - June 2019

    Turkey is the standout performer in Eurasia’s industrial minerals industry but its economic recession is affecting the wider region. Rose Pengelly looks at what neighboring countries are doing to boost their domestic mining sectors. Read More

  • ‘Two lions’: The modern borate duopoly IM May - June 2018

    Two behemoths supply the bulk of the world borates market, making for a highly concentrated industry. Myles McCormick, IM correspondent, reports on the tussle between the major players, the current dearth of exploration and innovative efforts to increase demand. Read More

  • US exiting Paris Treaty not expected to impact minerals sector IM July-August 2017

    In the wake of President Trump’s announcement that the US will be pulling out of the 2015 Paris Climate Treaty, IM looks at the significance of this move and the possible impact this will have on the industrial minerals market. By Mark Rowe Read More

  • Cracking under pressure? Glass markets in Europe IM May 2017

    The global economic downturn and the subsequent lull in construction has taken its toll on the global float glass market. Now however, as Sarah Gibbons and Liz Newmark discover, the industry is looking to a brighter future - despite there still being challenges for producers and the raw material markets which supply them. Read More

  • Roll up: Borates - an oligopoly with little room for change IM May 2017

    With the downturn in construction, demand for the group of minerals known as borates has been sluggish over the last few years. However, as glass markets start to pick up and producers look to diversify their products to meet growing demand in new regions such as Asia Pacific, this market looks set for a second wind, Siobhan Lismore-Scott, IM Consultant Editor, finds. Read More

  • Mining in Turkey – now and then IM October 2015

    Turkey’s mineral diversity is well known and the country is home to some of the world’s leading producers of borates, soda ash and magnesite. However, political uncertainty and recent instability in Turkey’s mining legislation has hindered its development as a mining nation, Aykut Karaca, IM Correspondent, explains. Read More

  • Borates industry vigilant as REACH trundles forward IM October 2015

    The EU’s REACH regulation has come under fire from a number of mineral producers for which Europe is an important market. Myles McCormick, Reporter, spoke to Hakan Kanli, operations, quality and regulatory affairs manager at Etimine SA, the European subsidiary of Turkish borates miner, Eti Maden, about where the borates industry stands in relation to the EU regulation and what the future holds. Read More

  • Rio Tinto: Global outlook for borates IM July August 2015

    Global borate consumption looks set to rise, based on positive trends in urbanisation, energy and worldwide food demand, according to leading producer Rio Tinto Minerals. Here, the company gives its outlook on the industry and discusses its reasons for confidence in consumption growth. Read More

  • How did the Middle East become so important to industrial minerals? IM January 2015

    As well as importing more minerals into the region, countries in the Middle East also started to concentrate on developing their own minerals industry, here, Siobhan Lismore-Scott details why this has happened and where. Read More

  • Is there any room for additional fertiliser supply? IM August 2014

    Owing to its solid long term fundamentals, producers and juniors have been developing new fertiliser projects. But with recent developments, lower prices and uncertain demand, this is not a race that all will finish. Read More

  • Appraisal of Industrial Minerals in Turkey IM June 2014

    Turkey has an abundant variety of industrial raw materials and is in an ideal location to deliver high volume industrial minerals to European, Asian and African markets at competitive prices. Read More

  • End User Focus: On a roll: glass fibre October 2012 issue

    While the dip in construction has hit sales of glass fibre, the move towards increasing energy efficiency has maintained strong global demand. Read More

  • End User Focus: China’s sanitaryware dominance continues May 2011

    In just over 25 years, China’s sanitaryware industry has grown more than 2,000% to 174.1m. pieces. Eileen Hao and Ian Wilson outline the country’s main producers and examine growth challenges for the future Read More

  • China targets low grade boron May 2011

    To meet rising domestic demand China’s borates industry must start to develop its low grade boron resources as high grade reserves become depleted. Yu Yongfu assesses processing techniques to improve grade and recovery. Read More

  • Fuelling the future March 2011

    Fuel cells, the power source of the future, are already a multi-million dollar market. Sandra Curtin discusses their primary uses and the potential opportunities for industrial minerals in fuel cell development Read More

  • Turkey’s borates bounty February 2011

    Haldun Kurama of Turkey’s Boron Research Center discusses the market applications and production potential for the country’s significant boron reserves Read More

  • End user focus: It pays to glaze September 2010

    The final addition to a ceramic body before firing, glaze controls the physical appearance and structural resilience of the ceramic piece. Here some of the key glaze minerals are reviewed Read More

  • The winds of change August 2010

    The new generation of alternative power sources are providing attractive prospects for industrial mineral applications. Despite the recession, and against expectations, the photovoltaic and wind power sectors grew significantly in 2009, a trend that is expected to continue through 2014 Read More

  • Crystallising Turkish minerals potential May 2010

    An updated mining law and a five-year strategic plan aim to attract foreign investment for Turkey’s rich resources Read More

  • Tile boom cracks May 2010

    After many prosperous years, the ceramic tile industry saw its first real slowdown in 2008. Asia and the Middle East now lead the way to recovery, while Europe and the USA remain sluggish Read More

  • Eco demand heats up mineral wool September 2009

    Demand for mineral wool remains stable despite a slumping construction market as government global warming strategies call for ever more efficient insulation products, Alison Russell reports Read More

  • Milling Bigadiç borates May issue 2009

    In August 2007, a vertical roller mill of type LM 19.20 for colemanite grinding was installed at Eti Maden Isletmeleri’s Bigadiç boron works in Turkey. Dr. Regina Krammer of Loesche reports on its progress Read More

  • Fertiliser loses its mineral appetite April issue 2009

    A review of the fertiliser minerals sector reveals how, since a record breaking 2008, producers are reacting to a severe slowdown in demand and the impact this has on future expansion plans by Simon Moores, Senior Assistant Editor Read More

  • South America's minerals reviewed March Issue 2009

    Economic clouds gather over South American minerals. Production cuts, divestments, and uncertainty grips South America’s industrial minerals and markets as the wave of economic gloom hits the continent. by Simon Moores, Senior Assistant Editor Read More

  • Minerals to the grindstone January Issue 2009

    An abrasives market focus: opportunities have opened up for certain types of abrasive products, especially superabrasives in specific markets. Alison Russell reviews minerals used as abrasives and examines consumption trends within the industry. Read More

  • Reflections on ASEAN Glass December Issue 2008

    Murray Lines reports on the 32nd ASEAN Glass Conference held 7-10 October 2008 in Borneo. Amongst topics and trends covered was the outlook for glass packaging, central to glass minerals’ prospects in the Asia Pacific region Read More

  • Glass minerals strike gold October Issue 2008

    Murray Lines examines the main glass minerals and highlights trends in the rapidly expanding Asia Pacific market, dominated by China. Read More

  • Borates, as seen on TV June Issue 2008

    World borates supply is limited to California, Turkey, and South America, and dominated by just two major players. One of these, Rio Tinto Borax, is for sale: which begs the question, just how attractive is the outlook for borates? While most markets expect steady growth, the money is on the high tech TV screen market. Read More

  • Serving China's ceramics May Issue 2008

    China's ceramics production has increased rapidly to meet domestic and export market demand, and is now the largest consumer of ceramic raw materials.  Robert Baylis and Eileen Hao track mineral supply and demand in this growth sector as domestic mineral producers get close to (and often match) specifications for higher quality ceramic products. Read More

  • Fuel for thought May Issue 2008

    Fuel cell mineral potential reviewed: as industry and markets embrace green initiatives, industrial mineral suppliers are on standby as fuel cells creep to full commercialisation. Read More

  • IM market evolution - Supplement December Issue 2007

    Some of the industry's leading players share their last 40 years and views on how they have evolved.  See special supplement below for remaining features. Read More

  • Mineral flame retardants August Issue 2007

    With increasing legislation against certain halogen based flame retardants, and more end products of plastic having to meet stringent safety specifications, Roger Rothon and Juergen Troitzsch consider the outlook for mineral flame retardants as positive Read More

  • Turkish mineral delight May Issue 2007

    Turkey’s industrial minerals sector gathered in Izmir to discuss the latest trends and developments Read More

  • Basics of abrasives January Issue 2007

    The abrasives market is an important sector for industrial minerals. A new guide to the industry from UAMA clarifies the key aspects necessary to a full understanding of abrasive manufacture, types, and characterisation Read More

  • A matter of purity November Issue 2006

    Head to head: Exploring the pros and cons of boric acid and colemanite: why many end users are choosing the higher priced alternative Read More

  • China's minerals in change August Issue 2006

    If Chinese mineral producers are to survive to see a profi table future they must seize new market opportunities and look to outside investment, argue Ian Hanks and John Evans of Tractus Asia. Read More

  • Larox: A clear solution August Issue 2006

    As a leading innovator for the separation of solid and liquid substances, and the only truly global player 100% focussed on filtration, Larox offers a number of solutions to the mining, metallurgy, and chemical process industries Read More

  • EU H&S policy February Issue 2006

    SMEs are at the core of the EU’s entrepreneurship policy revamp. Michelle Wyart-Remy, IMA Europe General- Secretary, describes the problems industrial minerals SMEs may encounter when facing the EU health and safety programme. Read More

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