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  • Prospects in packaging IM April 2018

    Digitization is continuing to drive change across many sectors worldwide, fueling a steady decline in writing and printing paper with the rise of e-readers, smart phones and calls for paperless offices. Although this has caused consolidation in the paper industry among some of the largest producing regions, there are still growth opportunities for paper manufacturers and their raw materials suppliers in less mature markets and in packaging products. Read More

  • Filling the void: calcium carbonate markets look to grow IM April 2018

    Consumption of mineral filler is growing rapidly, with the market forecast to grow to a worldwide total value of $62.54 billion by 2024, according to some estimates, with global economic growth supporting expansion of the paper, plastics, rubber, paints and construction industries. Industrial Minerals explores the key drivers of this growth, and asks what makes calcium carbonate so attractive as a filler? Read More

  • Processing: Going green IM July-August 2017

    Although the number of industrial minerals covered by IM is far reaching and the technology required for their production often varies by sector, the mining industry is seeing increasing calls for corporate social responsibility and greener technology, particularly in light of the growing role renewable energy has to play in the everyday lives of consumers. Read More

  • Grinding out: China’s GCC sector needs to work hard to change IM July-August 2016

    Valued as a plentiful source of cheap, basic ground calcium carbonate materials, China now wants to tackle its overcapacity problems by shifting its emphasis onto higher value products – a familiar story with an uncertain ending, as Albert Li, IM China Analyst, explains. Read More

  • Minerals in plastic IM April 2016

    While other markets are still suffering a downturn, the use of minerals in plastics is steady, as traditional materials in packaging, construction and the automotive sector are being switched for more lightweight and durable alternatives, Kasia Patel, North American Editor, discovers. Read More

  • Re-elected UK government pledges support for domestic energy production IM June 2015

    The UK's Convervative party has pledged to support fracking in a bid to boost domestic energy production. Emma Hughes explores what this means for industrial minerals. Read More

  • GCC resources, production and markets of Asia IM May 2015

    The biggest end uses for ground calcium carbonate are the paper, plastics, paints and sealants industries, with Asia representing one of the sector’s largest markets. Ian Wilson* looks at overall GCC production in Asia and assesses the industry by country and market share. Read More

  • Coatings turn to new products IM April 2015

    Changes in regulation and customer preference are driving the emergence of exciting new products in the coatings industry, but behind the headlines many producers are concerned about weaknesses in key consuming sectors. Read More

  • Feeding the world: the future role for minerals IM March 2015

    As the global population continues to expand rapidly, there is a growing need to increase crop production. Frank Hart* examines the role minerals can play in achieving this goal. Read More

  • Pressures in Asian markets squeeze refractory and chemical minerals IM December 2014

    Global increases for calcium carbonate and kaolin Refractory minerals under strain in China Read More

  • Building blocks: calcium carbonate and the construction industry IM May 2014 issue

    Since the financial crisis, construction investment in many regions has been drastically cut. Kasia Patel, Senior Reporter, takes a look at the outlook for construction and where opportunities lie for calcium carbonate producers. Read More

  • Oilfield minerals: Extracting what lies beneath IM January 2014 issue

    Oilfield minerals aid the process of extracting natural oil and gas from beneath Earth’s surface. For many years, lubricants such as bentonite and weighting agents like barytes (barite) have been used in conventional drilling while others, such as frac sand and sintered bauxite and kaolin, have seen demand increase as a boom in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) took off in the US and further afield. Ahead of IM’s Oilfield Minerals Outlook: Middle East, Emma Hughes, Deputy Editor, takes a look at some of the key minerals used in this end-market. Read More

  • SUPPLY SITUATION REPORT: In the driving seat: talc demand looks to automobile market IM December 2013

    Paper has traditionally been driving the market for talc, but as Kasia Patel discusses, other markets such as in automobiles and construction are looking up Read More

  • Paper: the next evolution IM October 2013 issue

    The new age of digital technology has caused a decline paper demand, which is expected to continue to fall. Kasia Patel, Senior Reporter, looks at where this leaves papermakers, and whether there are still opportunities for filler producers which supply them. Read More

  • CERAMICS CHINA 2013: Technology goes first March 2013 issue

    Guangzhou based show confronts a downshift in global economy Read More

  • Looking for the right mineral filler for plastics February 2013 issue

    Fillers were first introduced into the plastics industry as a cost-saving device. But, as Ajay Kulshreshtha discovers, their myriad properties perhaps should be more correctly focused on improving performance and driving innovation Read More

  • Price Briefing: Graphite end users feel the pinch as demand stutters November 2012 issue

    Prices for all grades of flake graphite from key producing regions in the world are stabilising, new information from IM Data has shown. Read More

  • Industrial Minerals Prices July 2012 July 2012

    Read More

  • Exploration key to growing Greek industry February 2012

    Greece is opening its doors to private investment to boost domestic industries. Ananias Tsirambides and Anestis Filippidis discuss the country’s key exploration targets for industrial minerals development Read More

  • Greece seeks mineral lifeboat January 2012

    While economic difficulties for Greece continue, Ananias Tsirambides and Anestis Filippidis highlight the wealth of the country’s mineral resources and suggest how they could contribute to assisting its financial future Read More

  • Calcium carbonate’s polymer promise December 2011

    Mineral fillers offer cost reduction – and sometimes enhanced properties – to polymer formulations. Siddhartha Roy outlines ground calcium carbonate’s changing role in the growing polymer market Read More

  • Going with the flow November 2011

    K-Tron’s Jaime A. Gómez outlines the impact of flowability on material handling when using mineral fillers in polymer resins Read More

  • EU filler focus November 2011

    Professor Roger Rothon reports on the themes and revelations at this year’s Eurofillers conference, held 21-25 August in Dresden, Germany Read More

  • End User Focus: Sticking to tradition September 2011

    These days, tile adhesives are a complicated mixture of additives, chemicals and fillers, each playing a crucial part in the adhesive performance. But, as Ed Hiam explains, traditional materials such as industrial minerals still play a key role in this evolving market Read More

  • Volume cost in plastics applications July 2011

    Mineral fillers are widely used in the plastics industry to enhance polymer properties and reduce ingredient costs. But, as Siddartha Roy demonstrates, over-use of fillers can be a false economy Read More

  • End User Focus: China’s sanitaryware dominance continues May 2011

    In just over 25 years, China’s sanitaryware industry has grown more than 2,000% to 174.1m. pieces. Eileen Hao and Ian Wilson outline the country’s main producers and examine growth challenges for the future Read More

  • GCC chases Asian paper April 2011

    Rising demand from papermakers drives GCC growth which sees Europe and North America tailing behind Asia Read More

  • Pigments on rollercoaster ride January 2011

    Bumpy road ahead for pigment producers as construction and automotive markets decline in the west but rise in the east, driven by an emerging Asian middle class Read More

  • South Africa: from resources to riches? December 2010

    The Rainbow Nation has significant mineral resources but will have to go through transformation to make the most of them Read More

  • Why is Chinese paper so competitive? December 2010

    Ian Wilson and Larry Lai examine how China’s paper industry has carved such a dominant global position and the impact this has had on filler and coating mineral consumption Read More

  • Vietnam’s resource vision November 2010

    Strong government support is seeing increased development of Vietnam’s key mineral resources, but red tape threatens to hold back over-eager foreign investors Read More

  • Plastics in forward drive October 2010

    With the recession receding in the rear view mirror, the filler minerals industry looks forward to a smoother ride ahead with the automotive market Read More

  • Pharma-minerals focus August 2010

    The versatility of non-metallic minerals ensures they remain central to pharmaceuticals developments Read More

  • Set for heavy loads July 2010

    Mineral fillers keep pace with plastic product requirements as demand grows, including applications with higher loadings Read More

  • END USER FOCUS: Perfecting paper loading June 2010

    GCC, presently the most widely used mineral filler in paper production, looks set to increase its paper market share now that modern paper machines can handle over 50% mineral loading Read More

  • Minerals realise pipe dream November 2009

    Liu Yingjun reviews the growing consumption of minerals in plastics and how they are playing a key role in reducing the consumption of oil Read More

  • Saudi Arabia minerals review June 2009 issue

    Seeking Saudi mineral potential: A shift in national policy to diversify into non-oil resources has prompted domestic development and overseas interest in Saudi Arabia’s considerable wealth of untapped industrial minerals Read More

  • Industrial Minerals: state of the industry May issue 2009

    In celebration of IM’s 500th issue, we invited leading lights of the industry to share with us their views on the shaping of the industry and its future Edited by Mike O’Driscoll, Editor Read More

  • Filler minerals: Auto doom & gloom stalls market April issue 2009

    IM reports on the 4th High Performance Fillers for Polymer Composites conference, held 4-5 March 2009 in Barcelona, Spain, covering market outlook, new filler grades, plus developments in nanofillers and mineral processing by Jessica Roberts, Assistant Editor Read More

  • Fertiliser loses its mineral appetite April issue 2009

    A review of the fertiliser minerals sector reveals how, since a record breaking 2008, producers are reacting to a severe slowdown in demand and the impact this has on future expansion plans by Simon Moores, Senior Assistant Editor Read More

  • China minerals outlook: the Dragon has turned April issue 2009

    China has switched to domestic demand priority status. Those relying on Chinese mineral exports should now be seeking alternative sources. Here we examine how China’s mineral industry has changed tack, its impact on world markets, how it will cope with the recession, and spotlight on barytes, bauxite, fluorspar, magnesite, paper minerals, and rare earths Read More

  • Minerals' plastic future November Issue 2008

    Innovations are expanding markets for mineral use in plastics, demand for which is forecast to rise in the long term. Alison Russell reviews trends in plastics usage and end markets, and industrial mineral consumption Read More

  • Functional Fillers 2008 November Issue 2008

    A report on the 16th Functional Fillers conference organised by Intertech-Pira, held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on 22-24 September 2008, and comprised 16 papers spread over four sessions, plus optional seminars on plastic fillers selection and flame retardants. Read More

  • Glass minerals strike gold October Issue 2008

    Murray Lines examines the main glass minerals and highlights trends in the rapidly expanding Asia Pacific market, dominated by China. Read More

  • Chinese ceramics seek southern comfort October Issue 2008

    China's need for ceramics raw materials is increasing. The response from southern sources is examined Read More

  • Asian GCC loads up September Issue 2008

    Driven by paper, Asia is set to become the largest ground calcium carbonate producing region in the world. Ian Wilson looks at the region’s main sources of supply Read More

  • Kaolin's paper chase August issue 2008

    As calcium carbonates eat ever more into kaolin’s largest end-use market, papermaking, Ian Wilson looks at how kaolin producers have adjusted and started to diversify in order to survive Read More

  • GCC blossoms in Eastern Europe June Issue 2008

    Eastern European minerals and markets are attracting increasing interest. For the region, Ian Wilson examines the main sources of supply, players involved, and market demand for ground calcium carbonate (GCC) Read More

  • Asian mineral pigments on a roll March Issue 2008

    Driven by development and growth of certain paper grades and fibre use, mineral demand in Asian papermaking is forecast to rise significantly. Tony Noon examines the current and projected demand for mineral pigments by the paper industry in Asia Read More

  • Golden Autumn in Dalian December Issue 2007

    A report on IM's recent 7th Chinese Industrial Minerals Conference - CIMC 2007, 9-11 October 2007 in Dalian Read More

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