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  • Indian mining: Stuck in the slow lane IM October - November 2019

    Frustration at the lack of progress in India’s mining sector was simmering at the annual FIMI meeting in Delhi in September. Sunder Singh discovers how many in the industry believe that, far from advancing, mineral production in India is going backwards. Read More

  • A growth trajectory: ceramics markets look to Asia IM April 2018

    The ceramics industry registered a dip in trade and production following the global economic downturn in 2008. But, as Industrial Minerals correspondent Sunder Singh finds, trade in Asia is now picking up, which is putting renewed pressure on kaolin, zircon, bentonite and other ceramics markets. Read More

  • On the way up: Industrial minerals in India IM March 2018

    India has recorded economic growth of around 7% per year in the past three years. But while it has significant resources of some of the most widely used industrial minerals, this sector has shown only modest growth, as Industrial Minerals correspondent Sunder Singh discovers. Read More

  • A rock and a hard place IM September 2017

    Demand for refractory products is evolving, forcing suppliers to upgrade their offers and processes to stay ahead of the game, while Chinese-origin raw materials are appreciating on the back of supply shortages, making productions costlier, Davide Ghilotti, IM Chief Reporter, finds. Read More

  • World refractories industry: State of play in 2016 IM September 2016

    Jessica Roberts assesses the health of the refractory industry’s key consumers so far in 2016, and outlines longer term trends that look to influence the market this year and beyond. Read More

  • Bridging the Gulf IM July-August 2016

    As the US Geological Survey prepares to issue a special publication on the mineral resources of Iran, the international business community is kicking its heels in frustration about the snail’s pace of progress towards establishing trade links with the Islamic Republic, Rose Pengelly, IM Correspondent, writes. Read More

  • Saskatchewan’s industrial minerals IM March 2016

    Saskatchewan is best known for its potash mining, but as the staff of the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy explain, the Canadian province has many more minerals to offer. Read More

  • Tough times for many in 2015 IM January 2015

    Energy minerals still waiting for battery lift off; chromite market bearish over next 12 months Read More

  • Diary Dates IM October 2014 issue

    Read More

  • The use of naturally occurring minerals in animal feed IM October 2014 issue

    The term usually applied to food prepared for domesticated livestock is ‘fodder,’ which is primarily composed of natural organic ingredients such as hay, straw, silage, pelleted foods, oils, grains, legumes and molasses as well as spent grain from breweries and distilleries and DDGS (distiller’s dried grains with solubles), from bio-ethanol production. Frank Hart* looks into the use of naturally-occurring minerals in animal feed. Read More

  • Raw materials trends in refractories IM September 2014

    Over the last two years IM has reported on the shifting trends in the refractories industry, with China looking to reduce wastage and increase energy efficiency. Ted Dickson* explores these various trends and asks – how will this shift impact raw material supply? Read More

  • Ceramics: an urban landscape IM February 2014 issue

    Despite slow growth in traditional markets such as Europe, the ceramics industry is expected to be driven by urbanisation and a rebound in housing and construction in key markets such as China and the Middle East, creating opportunities for suppliers of ceramic minerals such as kaolin, zircon and feldspar. Read More

  • Cracks on the surface? IM May 2013

    The ceramics industry may have suffered on the back of bearish demand and flagging construction, but the sector’s major players are eyeing BRIC markets, while making expansions and acquisitions in far flung corners of the world, as Siobhan Lismore, Editor, discovers Read More

  • Burning up: Refractory clays face an unclear future November 2012 issue

    In the aftermath of a global economic crisis which refuses to wane, all eyes are on refractories and the industries which support them. For refractory clays — the name given to a group of specific grades of calcined kaolin, fireclay, chamotte and flint clay — however, the outlook is more positive, in the long run at least. Read More

  • End User Focus: Playing ceramic catch-up July 2012

    There are three main sectors for production of ceramics in the world: porcelain/tableware, sanitaryware and tiles. In all of these markets, China is the world’s leading producer and consumer and it is just the global ceramic tiles sector that will be considered in the following. Read More

  • Indian ceramics eye new heights May 2012

    India’s ceramics industry has emerged as a modern, world-class sector, ready to take on global competition. Consultant Ajay Kulshreshtha outlines the country’s main ceramic producers and raw material sources Read More

  • Greece seeks mineral lifeboat January 2012

    While economic difficulties for Greece continue, Ananias Tsirambides and Anestis Filippidis highlight the wealth of the country’s mineral resources and suggest how they could contribute to assisting its financial future Read More

  • End User Focus: China’s sanitaryware dominance continues May 2011

    In just over 25 years, China’s sanitaryware industry has grown more than 2,000% to 174.1m. pieces. Eileen Hao and Ian Wilson outline the country’s main producers and examine growth challenges for the future Read More

  • South Africa: from resources to riches? December 2010

    The Rainbow Nation has significant mineral resources but will have to go through transformation to make the most of them Read More

  • Vietnam’s resource vision November 2010

    Strong government support is seeing increased development of Vietnam’s key mineral resources, but red tape threatens to hold back over-eager foreign investors Read More

  • Ukraine’s gift and curse September 2010

    Some of Europe’s richest mineral resources lie in the middle of an energy resources super-highway from Russia into Europe. This route has given Ukraine an abundance of cheap gas that has underpinned its economy. It is an asset that has attracted many, and one that could be its undoing Read More

  • Pharma-minerals focus August 2010

    The versatility of non-metallic minerals ensures they remain central to pharmaceuticals developments Read More

  • Peninsula prospects June 2010

    Although there remain challenges, an abundance of untapped mineral deposits, increasing demand, and clear political will and support to develop the mineral sector has brought the Arabian Peninsula under the investor spotlight Read More

  • Tile boom cracks May 2010

    After many prosperous years, the ceramic tile industry saw its first real slowdown in 2008. Asia and the Middle East now lead the way to recovery, while Europe and the USA remain sluggish Read More

  • Brazil eyes minerals future February 2010

    Following last month’s article on Brazil’s fertiliser minerals market, IM looks at the country’s key minerals including bauxite, magnesite and kaolin, while reviewing ceramic, cement, and refractories markets by Alexandra Feytis, Assistant Editor Read More

  • Refractory clays stuck in the mud October 2009

    The refractory clay industry, still suffering the effects of the economic downturn, is starting to show cautious optimism for recovery by Alexandra Feytis, Assistant Editor Read More

  • Ceramic clays in the pan June 2009 issue

    As the lag in construction catches up with the ceramic markets of tableware, tiles and sanitaryware, ceramic clay producers will have to cling to value-added products to avoid getting flushed away by Jessica Roberts, Assistant Editor Read More

  • Industrial Minerals: state of the industry May issue 2009

    In celebration of IM’s 500th issue, we invited leading lights of the industry to share with us their views on the shaping of the industry and its future Edited by Mike O’Driscoll, Editor Read More

  • China minerals outlook: the Dragon has turned April issue 2009

    China has switched to domestic demand priority status. Those relying on Chinese mineral exports should now be seeking alternative sources. Here we examine how China’s mineral industry has changed tack, its impact on world markets, how it will cope with the recession, and spotlight on barytes, bauxite, fluorspar, magnesite, paper minerals, and rare earths Read More

  • Egypt's clay potential October Issue 2008

    Ceramic clay development in Egypt hinges on satisfactory processing techniques. Nagui A Abdel-Khalek reviews their optimum beneficiation Read More

  • Indian refractories hot under collar July Issue 2008

    India’s refractory industry has promise, but is struggling. With China restricting raw material supply, and domestic mineral benefi ciation in need of upgrades, the challenges are mounting Read More

  • Afghanistan: Revival & redevelopment June Issue 2008

    Major redevelopment projects in Afghanistan are placing large demands on the minerals industry, which is struggling to keep pace. Clive Mitchell and Antony Benham report on the revival of the country’s industrial minerals industry Read More

  • Minerals Marathon June Issue 2008

    A review of the IM19 Congress which took place in Athens, 30 March-2 April 2008 Read More

  • Serving China's ceramics May Issue 2008

    China's ceramics production has increased rapidly to meet domestic and export market demand, and is now the largest consumer of ceramic raw materials.  Robert Baylis and Eileen Hao track mineral supply and demand in this growth sector as domestic mineral producers get close to (and often match) specifications for higher quality ceramic products. Read More

  • Special clays March Issue 2008

    Special clays are witnessing signifi cant growth as a wide range of niche market applications begin to demand their unique properties. Ian Wilson reviews special clays, and how they are being used in a new generation of markets Read More

  • S&B moving forward March Issue 2008

    Greek minerals group pursues white bentonite market while expanding foundry grade portfolio Read More

  • Geohellas four year on March Issue 2008

    Following its emergence onto the special clays market in 2004, Gerry Clarke catches up with Geohellas’ progress in a highly sophisticated market Read More

  • Spain's sepiolite supremo March Issue 2008

    As Tolsa pushes past its 50th anniversary, the world’s leading sepiolite producer goes from strength to strength. Gerry Clarke explains how the Spaniard’s strategy of diversification and expansion continues to serve it well Read More

  • Lasselsberger looms large March Issue 2008

    Austrian kaolin and ball clay producer has strengthened its position in clays and ceramics of central and eastern Europe while growing its export market Read More

  • West Bengal potential February Issue 2008

    THE NORTH-WEST Indian state of West Bengal has a number of industrial mineral opportunities, many of which are still unexploited. The main industrial minerals found in West Bengal are china clay, fireclay, apatite, dolomite, limestone and vermiculite. At the moment only apatite, china clay and fireclay are mined, with 2004-2005 production figures of: 4,950 tonnes apatite, 68,544 tonnes fireclay and 67,099 tonnes china clay. Read More

  • Eastern Europe: cashing in January Issue 2008

    Increased foreign investment in the eastern European countries paints a bright picture for their industrial mineral industries, with Russia emerging as the lead of an all star cast. Read More

  • IM market evolution - Supplement December Issue 2007

    Some of the industry's leading players share their last 40 years and views on how they have evolved.  See special supplement below for remaining features. Read More

  • Highly loaded papers in Hungary November Issue 2007

    Roger Rothon reports on what was seen and heard at Eurofillers 2007, held in Zalakaros, Hungary Read More

  • Tanzanian minerals drive September Issue 2007

    Government measures continue to push towards modern mineral sector and development Read More

  • Will China stay cheap? July Issue 2007

    THE WORLD OF industrial minerals has become dominated by, and highly dependant on China. In almost every sector, Chinese minerals have become the price and quality base line. In the last decade, China’s exports and minerals production have metamorphosed from basic ‘raw material production’ using very simplistic methods, to ever more production and export of processed minerals. This progression has had profound effects and implications for producers, processors and consumers worldwide. Read More

  • Chinese sanitaryware May Issue 2007

    As the “ceramic capital” of the world, China is the largest producer of sanitaryware, a major consumer of ceramic minerals. Ian Wilson examines the rapid growth of the business and reviews raw materials supply, production, exports, and China’s share of the world market Read More

  • Hardly gold dust May Issue 2007

    Freight Market Report: NOT A REFERENCE to the extravagant rates in the freight market but at this time of the year huge swaths of yellow dust swirl from the deserts of Mongolia across northern China, down the Korean peninsula enveloping both south and north Korea; after a mild winter experts believe 2007 could be the worst on record. To address this China, Korea and Japan have been meeting to help Mongolia to create a green belt across the Gobi desert and are giving $1.2 m. to promote forestation. Now in the second quarter, Capesize Owners can look back to the start of the year with huge satisfaction: the BCI soared to over 8000 points an increase of 2000 since early January – owing to a 23.4% rise at 100.2mt in first quarter Chinese imports on 2006, and massive congestion. Read More

  • The refractories world today - an overview April Issue 2007

    Functioning as a silent partner to the world’s heavy industry players, the refractories industry is a major supporter of the global economy. Dr Charles E. Semler reviews the current status of the world refractories industry, highlighting trends in demand, mineral consumption, and what the future may hold Read More

  • Ball clays in central and Eastern Europe February Issue 2007

    Ceramics manufacture is growing rapidly in central and Eastern Europe. So too is demand for ball clay and, as Krzysztof Galos explains, local producers are developing new sources and product grades. Read More

  • Minerals boost for Yemen December Issue 2006

    New IFC initiative to modernise mining regulation and boost investment Read More

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