• Download the January 2020 issue of MMM MMM January 2020

    Welcome to your January 2020 issue of the Metal Market Magazine, which now incorporates Industrial Mineral Magazine content. Read More

  • Steel market woes are weighing on refractories MMM January 2020

    Pressure is continuing to mount on the refractories sector while its main market – the steel industry – suffers from overcapacity, trade tensions and emissions reduction targets, Rose Pengelly finds. Read More

  • Calcined alumina outlook MMM January 2020

    Suppliers debate whether calcined alumina can break the oversupply wall in a bearish 2020 scenario, writes Davide Ghilotti. Read More

  • China’s magnesia recovery slows MMM January 2020

    Overcapacity in China’s magnesia sector and shrinking international demand have roiled the domestic market this year, dragging prices to a two-year low and prompting producers to lower output, reports Carrie Shi. Read More

  • INTERVIEW: ‘I am going to transform our company’ - Severstal CEO MMM January 2020

    Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Russian steelmaker Severstal, says that the company has changed its culture quite quickly and substantially to focus on being a solutions provider. Richard Barrett asked him to explain that mission and to recall his path from the shop floor to the top of a company that employs 50,000 people Read More

  • Building strong relationships, defining solutions - Ansac president Douville IM October - November 2019

    From the withdrawal of one of its core members to the implementation of a new fuel surcharge on exports, the last year has been an eventful one for Ansac - the world’s largest exporter of natural soda ash. But as president Chris Douville tells Ross Davies, the challenge of running the corporation continues to be a rewarding experience. Read More

  • Evolution in China’s lithium supply chain paves way for commoditization IM October - November 2019

    Lithium has traditionally been considered a specialty chemical, but it has been acting more like a commodity in recent years, according to analysts. Martim Facada considers how this development was sparked by the growth of the Chinese industry and raised quality expectations. Read More

  • Indian mining: Stuck in the slow lane IM October - November 2019

    Frustration at the lack of progress in India’s mining sector was simmering at the annual FIMI meeting in Delhi in September. Sunder Singh discovers how many in the industry believe that, far from advancing, mineral production in India is going backwards. Read More

  • Syrah cuts graphite supply to over-fed Chinese battery market IM October - November 2019

    Delegates at Fastmarkets' Graphite 2019 Conference in Berlin, Germany, in September said reduced volumes from Mozambique may gradually rebalance graphite prices, Davide Ghilotti and Jon Stibbs, write. Read More

  • Politically charged: How Europe is responding to surging battery capacity IM October - November 2019

    European battery production will more than double in the decade to 2025, according to industry association Eurobat. Jon Stibbs considers Europe’s political response to the growth of its battery sector. Read More

  • Graphite electrode market set for recovery, GES says 16 September 2019

    Prices for market electrodes have hit bottom and the market is now waiting for the trigger for prices to rise again, GES Europe analyst Benjamin Sarkoezy tells Fastmarkets in an overview of the current market. Read More

  • Europe, US drift away from Chinese fluorspar IM September 2019

    The consequences of China’s environmental inspections crippled supplies of fluorspar to the rest of the world in 2018, and the material now comes at a premium although quality and delivery are not guaranteed. Michael Greenfield examines how European and US consumers of the mineral are looking elsewhere to secure their supply chains. Read More

  • Seven things we learned about the lithium market IM September 2019

    Fastmarkets identified seven main takeaways from its 11th Lithium Supply and Markets Conference in Santiago in June. Read More

  • Synthetic graphite fends off natural competition IM September 2019

    Claims that natural graphite is a cheaper alternative to synthetic material are frequently made in the junior mining sector, but downstream users say there is price parity among end-products. Rose Pengelly reports. Read More

  • Steely determination: The revival of India’s refractories sector IM September 2019

    Indian refractories output rebounded in 2018, after three successive years of decline. Sunder Singh analyzes what was behind the shift in the industry’s fortunes and hears reasons for both optimism and consternation, from some of the market’s key participants. Read More

  • Government EV policies to shift from subsidies to regulation IM September 2019

    State-backed incentives for the production of electric vehicles (EVs), which up until now have been mostly financial, are slowly shifting to supportive legislation for the sector. Read More

  • Low prices, projects deficit threatens lithium supply IM September 2019

    Production from new lithium projects is expected to fall short of forecast consumption. Read More

  • Flexibility key for lithium industry, executives say IM September 2019

    Having the capacity to produce either lithium carbonate or hydroxide is essential to the commercial survival of projects industry delegates have heard. Read More

  • Infinite opportunity: Lithium in Spain IM September 2019

    Australian exploration company Infinity Lithium explains why the rewards of developing lithium projects in the EU could be immeasurable, if the bloc acts on pledges to support the development of local battery supply chains. Read More

  • 'You need a clear vision of your goal, but also a bit of luck' IM September 2019

    When Erik Zobec launched Seven Refractories at the height of the eurozone crisis, few would have believed the company would go on to become one of the world’s leading monolithics producers. As Seven approaches 10 years in business, he talks to Ross Davies about its ascent. Read More

  • Brick by brick: Building an international refractory maintenance company IM September 2019

    US-based Bricking Solutions has been in the refractories kiln maintenance business for more than 50 years and has been led by managing director Heather Harding since January 2019. She shares her views on the business she runs and the wider refractories industry. Read More

  • Plentiful potash sector sees no need for change IM July - August 2019

    Abundant reserves, robust price forecasts and a lack of major catastrophes have dampened enthusiasm for innovation in the global potash industry, but does this approach risk missing important chances to improve production of one of the world’s most important minerals? Rose Pengelly reports. Read More

  • Growing stronger: vermiculite and perlite IM July - August 2019

    Driven by demand from multiple sectors - from construction and horticulture to fire protection and steelmaking - the global vermiculite and perlite market remains in growth mode, underscored by a healthy supply-demand balance, reports Ross Davies. Read More

  • Wollastonite potentialin carbon emissions reduction technology IM July - August 2019

    Wollastonite has been described as “a white mineral for a greener world” and it seems governments, businesses and industries agree – with wollastonite set for increased market growth in its traditional uses plus a new focus on its powerful qualities to help tackle climate change. Sarah Gibbons, Keith Nuthall, Raghavendra Verma and John Pagni Read More

  • A weighty issue Indian barite exports win out in sluggish market IM July - August 2019

    Markets for oilfield minerals have had a slow start to the year while global drilling activity remains limited and oil markets repeatedly fail to break new highs. Read More

  • Marine cargo transhipment solutions for mining companies IM May - June 2019

    Mining companies have been given several solutions to reduce transport costs, including no need for tugs, which reduces onshore infrastructure, and keeping vessel sizes in a range of 22,000-60,000 dwt that would mean project development is faster, easier and cheaper. Read More

  • Evolving global lithium supply IM May - June 2019

    Demand for battery raw materials has led lithium producers to increase their total production volumes while looking to diversify their investments in different lithium operations to ramp production up faster and diminish asset risk. Read More

  • Asbury's 'King Carbon' has more to achieve in graphite sector IM May - June 2019

    “I’ve always enjoyed brainstorming ideas with engineers, asking what else we can develop using graphite.” Stephen Riddle, chief executive officer of Asbury Carbons, speaks to Rose Pengelly about his passion for carbon, and why even four decades of experience does not mean you have seen everything in graphite. Read More

  • A clear uptrend in the glass market IM May - June 2019

    Led by a revival in North American sales, the outlook for the global flat glass market remains positive – as it also does for the container sector. Manufacturers will need to fork out more for raw materials, though, Ross Davies finds. Read More

  • The peaks and troughs of Eurasian mining IM May - June 2019

    Turkey is the standout performer in Eurasia’s industrial minerals industry but its economic recession is affecting the wider region. Rose Pengelly looks at what neighboring countries are doing to boost their domestic mining sectors. Read More

  • Paper thin markets? A look at PCC in paper IM April 2019

    Paper markets may be changing but the minerals used within them are still being used in the same way. Ian Wilson takes a look at precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and discuses producer developments in 2019. Read More

  • Positive outlook for kaolin in ceramics IM April 2019

    The mineral kaolinite was named after a hillside near the village of Gaoling in Jiangxi province, China, where the clay was traditionally mined to supply the nearby famous porcelain factories in Jingdezhen. Today, as Ian Wilson* and Frank Hart ** discover, China is just as important in the kaolin - and indeed the ceramics - industry. Read More

  • The ‘odd man out’ turning round Dalmia-OCL’s fortunes IM April 2019

    Sameer Nagpal has been charged with turning Indian refractories producer Dalmia-OCL into an international brand and he is convinced he can do it. Read More

  • Squeezed margins: how are derivatives producers making cheap products despite iodine price increases? IM April 2019

    Steep increases in price of the raw material have squeezed margins among iodine derivatives producers, while some companies are reported to be producing very cheap derivatives in a bid to gain market share, Michael Greenfield, Market Reporter, finds. Read More

  • Clay time: Should pharmaceuticals take a closer look at bentonite? IM April 2019

    Widely used in industrial applications, pharmaceuticals make up a relatively modest proportion of bentonite’s end markets – a situation which could change with more research and advances in technology, Rose Pengelly, Correspondent, finds. Read More

  • India banks on ceramics IM April 2019

    The Indian ceramics industry has made steady progress in the past few years on the back of a growing middle class and several governmental schemes to boost the industry, as correspondent Sunder Singh discovered at India’s recent Ceramics Asia event. Read More

  • VV Minerals boss says canalisation will hurt mineral sand miners IM March 2019

    The chief executive of VV Minerals tells Fastmarkets that restrictions on private exports of mineral sands will be bad for production. Read More

  • Supercharging lithium extraction through custom chemistry IM March 2019

    “For us, customization is essential,” ArrMaz chief executive officer Dave Keselica, tell Jo Isenberg-O’Loughlin, as his company spearheads a molecule-by-molecule drive to recover every bit of lithium the company’s customers pull out of the ground. Read More

  • A closed shop? Examining the HPQ supply chain IM March 2019

    The global high-purity quartz market remains as tightly controlled as ever, despite efforts by China, junior companies and synthetic material producers to open up the supply chain, correspondent Rose Pengelly writes. Read More

  • Charging up: Lithium market outlook IM March 2019

    Cold water was thrown on the lithium market in 2018, with prices falling and lithium miners’ equity prices declining alongside. Fastmarkets IM believes the price weakness was front-loaded, with the market deleveraging into the prospect of two to three years of supply surplus. Read More

  • Hole in the ground: Is the lack of exploration storing up trouble for the future? IM March 2019

    An uptick in mineral exploration financing since 2017 is welcome but may not be enough to undo years of under-investment in identifying new economic deposits, correspondent Rose Pengelly finds. Read More

  • Going against the grain: Titanium and zirconium supply and demand IM February 2019

    Cameron Perks, IM correspondent, looks back at the events that shaped the titanium and zirconium industries in 2018 and looks forward to what may play out in 2019 Read More

  • Will the Chinese supply crisis continue during the Year of the Pig? IM February 2019

    Refractories bounced back in 2018, driving demand for bauxite and alumina raw materials, but the market continues to face what is becoming a perennial state of crisis affecting supply from China. Read More

  • Building on silica sand: Vietnam’s glass industry IM February 2019

    Vietnam has ambitions to become one of Asia’s biggest glass exporters. Tran Kim Phuong looks at how the country is trying to achieve this by exploiting its high quality domestic silica sand reserves. Read More

  • Prospects for ceramics shaping up nicely IM February 2019

    Whether you call them technical ceramics, engineering ceramics or advanced ceramics, these materials have advanced steadily through the past year, and 2019 holds a great deal of potential for more widespread adoption, notably in the high performance industrial arena, as Charlie Wallin reports. Read More

  • Unlocking the global graphite supply chain IM December 2018-January 2019

    The complexity of the graphite market is one of the main reasons why new producers struggle to establish profitable businesses in this sector, even if they manage get new mines into operation. Correspondent Rose Pengelly examines the intricacies of the graphite supply chain and considers who may be able to step in to help break China’s dominance. Read More

  • Industrial mineral juniors pay price for lack of market transparency IM December 2018-January 2019

    Funding remains a problem for almost all junior mining companies but, for industrial minerals developers, the market is particularly tough because new ways of raising money do not sit well with the sector’s opaque and illiquid pricing practices, which makes it harder to communicate value, Rose Pengelly reports. Read More

  • China’s magnesia: A year of restrictions and consolidation IM December 2018-January 2019

    Magnesia prices out of China have surged in 2018 following severe environmental restrictions. Carrie Shi, Fastmarkets IM market reporter, looks over the year of shutdowns and the effect on prices. Read More

  • Andalusite edges towards market stabilisation IM December 2018-January 2019

    Improved production in most mining areas is prompting hopes that andalusite supply tightness may ease in the near to mid term, but prices are expected to stay firm due to strong end markets. Read More

  • Bauxite, fused-alumina market in supply limbo in Q4 IM December 2018-January 2019

    The spreads in the bauxite market have been widening, while concerns over China's 2019 supply flow increase and keep brown-fused alumina (BFA) and white-fused alumina (WFA) prices stable. Read More

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