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  • Refractory minerals taken off US tariffs list; TiO2 pigments, ceramic raw materials still included 18 September 2018

    Graphite, magnesia, alumina and silicon carbide are excluded from the list of China-origin materials subject to a new US tariff, as are antimony, rare earths and barite. Pigments such as titanium dioxide will also be subject to the duty, as will refractory finished products, some ceramic minerals such as kaolin, and lithium. Read More

  • CERAMITEC 2018: Ten key things we learned this year 17 April 2018

    A summary of ten of the most valuable points to be learnt at the 2018 Ceramitec conference, held in Munich, Germany, on April 10-13. Read More

  • Saint-Gobain expands glassmaking capacity in China with JV 12 April 2018

    The French glassmaker already operates three production units for automotive glass, and wants to capitalise on growing demand from the automotive sector in Asia. Read More

  • IM's January Price Movements 01 February 2018

    IM's monthly price movements. Read More

  • Letter from the editor: pricing review 31 January 2018

    As we enter into a new year, I wanted to update you on some of the changes and significant developments the global Industrial Minerals team is working on to ensure that the market information and prices that we provide you with are of the utmost relevance to your business. Read More

  • Pricing notice: Christmas schedule 19 December 2017

    Industrial Minerals will be closed from December 25 until January 1 in observance of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Read More

  • Caution urged amid rising fluorspar prices IM December 2017-January 2018

    Acidspar prices are increasing after years of declines, while a focus on China could leave the West short, Barbara O’Donovan and Albert Li report. Read More

  • Port of Savannah in Georgia re-opens after Irma 13 September 2017

    One of the largest container terminals in North America has re-opened following a four-day shutdown in response to Hurricane Irma. Many producers are expecting shipping operations to normalise quickly pending any damages to port facilities. Read More

  • Solvay pulls out of Brazilian PVC joint venture 05 July 2017

    The group is selling its stake in Dacarto Benvic as it continues to phase out its involvement in PVC businesses in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Read More

  • Aggregates, coatings boost PPG’s Q1 sales as profits decline 21 April 2017

    Aggregates posted growth in sales following higher demand in Europe, as industrial and performance coatings fared positively against a continued decline in the glass business. Read More

  • Raw materials suppliers enjoy bonanza in Indian ceramics industry IM April 2017

    Ceramics production growing rapidly in India; Demand is high for good-quality raw materials; Producers expect expansion to continue Read More

  • Glasspex: India glass industry looks to positive future 17 March 2017

    Industry players expect a turnaround "soon" in the glass industry after modest growth was recorded in 2016, a development which could be good for the soda ash industry in the country which has been seeing sluggish demand from the sector. Read More

  • Acquisitions boost Imerys’ 2016 revenues 16 February 2017

    Imerys’ long list of recently completed acquisitions brought in over €140m in additional revenue, boosting the company’s yearly turnover, as income showed robust growth while refractories remained difficult. Read More

  • PPG acquires rest of Italian paint JV 14 November 2016

    The glass and paint producer is now the sole owner of the Italian paint and coatings manufacturer, as it seeks to expand its presence in the country and in western Europe. Read More

  • Martin Marietta's Q3 boosted by construction sector 01 November 2016

    Shipments of aggregates and heavy building materials to residential markets in the US saw further increases in Q3. The company remains bullish as infrastructure and non-residential end markets are expected to record higher activity into next year. Read More

  • Imerys: ‘Low point of profits behind us’ 28 October 2016

    Imerys’ executives believe the most challenging phases in the market have now passed, as the company posts positive results and bets on the recent SPAR acquisition and the positive progress of the Alteo takeover to revamp its refractory and foundry operations. Read More

  • Ceramic tiles supply turns to exports IM November 2016

    China’s demand for ceramic tiles is shrinking as the industry will increasingly rely on other markets including Vietnam, India and Brazil to drive consumption in the coming years. Read More

  • Tecnargilla ’16: Ceramic tiles supply turns to exports 04 October 2016

    China’s demand for ceramic tiles is shrinking as the industry will increasingly rely on other markets including Vietnam, India and Brazil to drive consumption in the coming years. Read More

  • Flat glass expansion to continue unabated IM October 2016

    Electronics and energy drive growth; Supply insufficient to meet demand; Concerns over price hike Read More

  • Flat glass expansion to continue unabated 25 August 2016

    Global demand for flat glass is forecast to continue increasing as end markets in electronics and energy applications expand, although the pace of growth is expected to decelerate compared with previous years due to the slowdown in China. With insufficient supply, higher prices will be a concern. Read More

  • Mixed bag for PPG’s coating divisions in Q2 21 July 2016

    Sales volumes in the company’s industrial coatings segment strengthened while performance coatings saw a decline, owing to mixed performance in various regions and applications. PPG’s glass segment also saw improved net sales as selling prices strengthened. However all of its business segments were impacted negatively by foreign currency translations. Read More

  • Brexit: UK ceramics sector wary of repercussions 27 June 2016

    UK-based ceramic operators listed export tariffs, bureaucracy costs and regulation vacuum as potential hurdles that Brexit may bring about in the long term, and are wary of insufficient governmental interest in fighting their corner when designing new trade deals. Read More

  • PPG to sell fibre glass operations to Nippon Electric 22 June 2016

    The US-based paints and coatings manufacturer produces fibre glass at eight facilities worldwide including the US and China, but is planning to sell off its European operations in the Netherlands and the UK. Overall glass sales declined in Q1, while demand for fibre glass specifically grew in the US, offsetting continued weakness in Europe. Read More

  • IM23: KMK Granit to up glassware feldspar supply 16 June 2016

    Czech feldspar miner KMK Granit is increasing the volume of feedstocks it supplies to the glass industry, as it seeks to improve returns and achieve more diversification, the company told IM. Read More

  • IM23: Iran calls for mineral processing upgrades 15 June 2016

    Providers of processing technology and equipment manufacturers could find a new market in Iran. The country is seeking better machinery as it opens up to the international market again and strives to achieve better mining results, delegates heard at the 23rd IM Congress in Prague. Read More

  • IM23: Glass at the heart of new technologies 14 June 2016

    Glass has been a staple in industries worldwide for many years and it remains a key component of innovations in high tech, energy solutions and sustainability, Murray Lines, from Australia-based Stratum Resources, told delegates at the 23rd IM Congress in Prague, Czech Republic. Read More

  • IM23: Czech mineral industry output stabilises 14 June 2016

    The country is an important producer of kaolin, bentonite, feldspar and silica. While general clay production contracted, the stabilisation of mineral output in the Czech Republic is positive news for the country, which may look at developing and reinstating past-producing graphite. Read More

  • Is government policy holding back Turkey’s mining industry? 04 February 2016

    Domestic political uncertainty, fears about security and the prospect of rising competition for investment from Iran mean that the country is under pressure to find a strategy that will secure the growth of its economy and resources sector. Read More

  • Zambia to diversify away from mining 16 December 2015

    Falling copper prices and a continuing power crunch are forcing the African country to look for economic opportunities in other sectors and place less of a focus on its mining activities. Read More

  • Mining companies in Zambia should pay more for electricity, says World Bank 10 December 2015

    The World Bank has recently launched its sixth economic brief on the African country and warns that Zambia faces a power crisis. Zambia’s government has decided to increase the import of expensive emergency power options in 2016. In order for Zambia to weather the storm, the organisation has said that mining companies should help to pay more tariffs for electricity. Read More

  • European Commission proposes 75% glass recycling target by 2030 02 December 2015

    To target waste production, increase recycling and preserve natural resources, the EC has published a number of legislative proposals which will affect industrial mineral-consuming industries such as glass and plastics. Read More

  • Iran to encourage investors to shift attention away from oil to focus on mining 01 December 2015

    Like other Middle Eastern nations, Iran is attempting to diversify its economy away from oil and gas and focus more on the development of mining activities. An official from the country’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade has said that mining could offer Iran more opportunities than oil. Read More

  • MINEX Europe 15: Imerys says Europe is still key for industrial minerals 17 November 2015

    Despite challenging demand conditions and rising production costs, European countries continue to represent important sources and markets for industrial minerals, delegates at the first MINEX European Mining and Exploration Forum in Vienna heard today. Read More

  • Iran ramps up exploration drive 09 November 2015

    As foreign investment interest picks up steam following the removal of western sanctions on Iran, the country is accelerating its mineral exploration efforts, recently announcing a project to identify natural resources in the province of Kerman. Read More

  • Price Briefing 16 – 22 October 23 October 2015

    Prices for ceramic materials minerals and fluorspar down as rare earths experience slight increase. Read More

  • Iranian minerals "ready to do business" 22 October 2015

    The lifting of economic sanctions against Iran promises to open up the country as both a supplier of and a market for raw materials and the national industry body, Iran Mine House, is optimistic about securing deals with European businesses. Read More

  • Nigerian mining industry anticipates foreign investment 07 October 2015

    According to the Minerals Association of Nigeria, a number of countries including Canada and Australia have expressed an interest in the development of Nigeria's mineral resources, which present a huge opportunity as around 80% of the country's mining takes place on a small scale. Read More

  • Ceramics quality control urged for China 28 September 2015

    China’s diverse supply of source materials for the ceramics industry is causing problems for high-end ceramics production, inducing unwanted properties and effects onto the glazes required by customers. Read More

  • Malaysia to tighten laws on mining to tackle pollution 19 August 2015

    The Malaysian government will be making efforts to add more stick than carrot to its mining laws, as it carries out plans to tighten all mining operating licence conditions and enforce stricter controls in order to overcome pollution issues that arise from excavation activities. Read More

  • Rajasthan gears up for e-auctioning of mineral blocks 23 June 2015

    From new incentive schemes for potential bidders to an increased number of minerals for mining, the Rajasthan state government is paving the way to encourage mining investment through e-auctioning. Read More

  • Unimin fined $406,250 over 2012 "nuisance dust" issues 12 June 2015

    Ontario's governing body has tackled Unimin's dust generation of 2012 as part of a move towards stricter environmental regulation in the province. Read More

  • I-Minerals announces debt settlement to fund feasibility study 09 June 2015

    The company is starting to think about raising capital to build its kaolin-halloysite-quartz-potassium feldspar project in Idaho, as it announces that its FS loan agreement is going to plan. I-Minerals predicts that commercial production could start around mid-2017. Read More

  • Complaints withdrawn as I-Minerals prepares to counterclaim 21 May 2015

    Legal proceedings appear to be winding down and in I-Minerals’ favour. A claim had originally surfaced that the company did not meet its payment obligations for the Helmer-Bovill quartz-feldspar-halloysite-kaolin deposit. The company is continuing to push the project forward despite the legal action siphoning away I-Minerals’ time and cash reserves. Read More

  • Glass growth: Industry welcomes EESC policy recommendations 24 April 2015

    Tough economic conditions have plagued the glass industry over the past few years, leading to a significant decrease in production. It is hoped that new EU-wide policies will drive the market forward, saving jobs and providing demand for glass minerals such as soda ash, silica sand and feldspar. Read More

  • MANAJIM 2015: Iraq eyes industrial mineral opportunities as it diversifies away from oil 22 April 2015

    Despite political instability in the region, Middle East countries like Iraq are trying to diversify their economies away from oil and gas and focus more on developing their industrial minerals sector. Read More

  • Cuba awakening: what the country has to offer mining investors 02 April 2015

    Tentative olive branches between the US and Cuba could open its mineral resource up for international investments. Kaolin, lime, feldspar, bentonite, zeolite, and gypsum are all present in the geology of the country for those brave enough to take on the regime. Read More

  • Indonesia considers scrapping bauxite export ban to raise processing funds 24 March 2015

    Indonesia may look at lifting its mineral export ban in order to provide funds for its domestic processing industry - a year after putting the ban in place to encourage investment in domestic processing. Removing the ban may raise enough funds to kickstart beneficiation in an industry that has been focused traditionally on raw materials. Read More

  • I-Minerals develops halloysite, kaolin, K-spar and quartz products 19 March 2015

    I-Minerals is getting underway with creating trade products from its Helmer-Bovill property in Idaho. Read More

  • FAME initiative looks to create European mining and processing renaissance 03 March 2015

    The €7.4m initiative will fund research and development into more flexibile, mobile and green technology for the European mining industry, which UK consultants Wardell Armstrong International say, has lost its competitive edge. With rising costs and declining ore grades, an increasing number of companies are likely to look to innovation as a cost cutting strategy. Read More

  • Lessons from 100 years of mineral data 09 January 2015

    With the recent publication of data for 2012, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has 100 years of continuous mineral production data - but what do they tell us about worldwide industrial mineral production? Teresa Brown analyses some of these trends and what they say about the industry as a whole. Read More

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