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  • April 2016

    Is China turning to become a fluorspar importer?

    29 April 2016

    Trade Review: Exports for both acid and met grade fluorspar dropped significantly in Q1 2016, while HF acid trades remained steady against AlF3. China’s acidspar imports have increased by as much as 220% y-o-y, mainly from Vietnam, following four-digit growth in 2015 imports.

  • Mexichem Q1 2016 results hit by industry headwinds

    28 April 2016

    Leading fluorspar producer Mexichem has reported negative growth in its Q1 2016 results bearing the brunt of appreciation of US dollar against other currencies, decline in resin prices and weaker demand in the fluorspar business. The company’s shares have dropped following the blast at its VCM plant.

  • Low sales deter DuPont’s Q1 2016 performance

    27 April 2016

    US-based leading chemicals company has registered negative growth in its quarterly results as the company’s total sales dropped by 6% y-o-y- for the first quarter because of strong dollar and low trades; however 7% cut in operating expenses in 2015 mitigates the impact of weak results.

  • Mexichem optimistic on acidspar, fluorochemical industry conditions

    25 April 2016

    Transition to HFOs unlikely to impact acidspar Questions for GulfFluor’s AlF3 plant in GCC Solvay to use tailing for the graphite market

  • Fluorspar enquiries surge entering seasonal buying period

    22 April 2016

    Price Review: Increased trade enquiries for the fluorine material signal recovery as the buying season kicks off, with potential price increase despite excess supply in China; industry remains optimistic for H2 2016.

  • Canada Fluorspar’s St Lawrence project inches forward

    22 April 2016

    Much-awaited progress on the exploration company’s St Lawrence fluorspar mine, based in Newfoundland, Canada, has materialised as the project received the go ahead over construction of the mill and development of open pit mining, expected to begin in the second quarter of 2016.

  • US’s antidumping probe to deviate China’s refrigerant trajectory

    21 April 2016

    End-market update: Further probes into the alleged dumping of Chinese low-priced refrigerants such as R134a by the US is likely to push excessive capacities on to other potential markets until the phase out is accomplished. As long as the progress of the HFC phase down outside the US, Europe and Japan remains slow as fewer Non-Article 5 countries have taken a lead to develop alternative refrigerants, this means that low-cost supplies from China are likely to dominate the refrigerants market.

  • MagMin2016: European cement sector to face a number of challenges over next year

    15 April 2016

    Delegates at MagMin heard that declining production and consumption of cement is likely to continue as investment in construction and GDP fails to exhibit anticipated growth. With a number of external factors preventing a rebound in Europe and the cement sector facing environmental pressures, consumption of refractories in the region is likely to remain weak.

  • Solvay eyes graphite processing at Okorusu fluorspar mine

    08 April 2016

    Solvay's Okorusu fluorspar facility is likely to process graphite ore from the Gecko Graphite-owned Okanjande mine using Okorusu’s fully-equipped processing facility, which is presently inactive.

  • Weak trades continue to deter fluorspar price recovery

    07 April 2016

    Price Review: End markets continue to be subdued, preventing price recovery and leaving producers fighting tight margins especially in the metspar market, although some industry participants are optimistic for a turnaround in H2 2016.

  • Gulf Fluor’s AlF3 plant: a success story in an oversaturated market?

    05 April 2016

    End-market update: With downstream demand slowing and challenges in the aluminium industry increasing, questions hover around whether Gulf Fluor’s AlF3 capacity continues to benefit from regional demand from GCC or is adding on to existing stockpiles in an oversaturated market.

  • Mexichem optimistic on fluorochemical industry conditions

    04 April 2016

    Ongoing regulatory changes in fluorspar’s downstream markets is unlikely to have an impact on acidspar demand as Mexichem believes that the new generation of refrigerants and fluorochemical products will be growth drivers for the acid grade material.

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