Frac Sand features

  • September 2014

    Clouds gather for minsands as energy minerals renege on premature optimism

    22 September 2014

    Potash prices strong to 2017, says SocGen; lithium and graphite’s Tesla boost flattened

  • Digging deep: geopolitics of shale resources

    03 September 2014

    Owing to recent political events in Ukraine, and indirectly those in the Middle East, concerns have mounted in relation to oil and gas delivery to Europe, with some analysts suggesting that North American shale resources may need to be called upon. However, due to basic economic factors, a more realistic solution would be for the EU and Ukraine to develop their own shale resources but, so far, with the exception of the UK, and to a lesser extent Poland and Spain, no large-scale efforts are being undertaken, finds Vasili Nicoletopoulos.*

  • Tackling NIMBYism in frac sand mining

    03 September 2014

    US gas consumers have benefited from low gas prices as a result of the domestic fracking boom. However, when frac sand mining or well drilling takes place on their doorsteps, the public have been less enthusiastic.

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