Frac Sand latest news

  • December 2015

    BC earthquake caused by fracking

    21 December 2015

    The BC Oil and Gas Commission in Canada has determined that the August earthquake in Canada was triggered by fracking. Although no damage was reported, the severity of the 4.6 tremor is higher than expected from fracking activity.

  • Halliburton-Baker Hughes takeover proposals fail to win over DOJ

    21 December 2015

    Additional divestments not enough to satisfy anticompetitive concerns; companies receive third extension for review period.

  • OPEC refuses to cut oil production in oversupplied market

    21 December 2015

    Oil prices to stay lower for longer leaving oilfield mineral prices subdued.

  • UK government increases total fracking licences by 50%

    18 December 2015

    The UK government is driving ahead with its plans to ensure UK energy security, placing emphasis on the importance of fracking. It has now offered Cuadrilla additional exploration licences in England, which the company plans to study extensively over the next year.

  • Halliburton-Baker Hughes takeover proposals fail to win over DOJ

    16 December 2015

    Despite offering to divest additional businesses and extending the review period twice, the DOJ’s Antitrust Division does not believe the proposals offered so far sufficiently address competition concerns.

  • EIA increases global shale oil and natural gas estimates

    15 December 2015

    Having added resources from Chad, Kazakhstan, Oman and the UAE to its analysis, the EIA has increased its global oil and gas estimates. A number of factors need to be addressed before commercial production takes off, including oil and gas market prices, operating costs and other resources.

  • UK needs to get fracking, says Task Force on Shale Gas

    15 December 2015

    While the economic benefits of fracking in the UK have been widely touted by supporters, an industry funded panel has said the only way to find out how beneficial the industry will be is to start drilling.

  • Colorado fracking bans brought before high court

    09 December 2015

    The Colorado Oil and Gas Association has challenged fracking bans in Longmont and Fort Collins, saying they are preempted by existing regulation in Colorado. The cases could have implications in other states and industries, addressing the authority of local and state governments.

  • Double Crown in negotiations with second high grade barite customer

    07 December 2015

    While fracking activity has seen a decline in line with tumbling oil prices, Nevada-headquartered Double Crown has seen growing interest in its 4.2 barite owing to its high grade and a resurgence in re-fracking wells.

  • November 2015

    Florida counties oppose state control of fracking

    30 November 2015

    Local authorities have voted against legislation that would give the state authority to legislate and permit fracking in Florida over concerns that the process could damage the environment in the state, which has a very active tourism sector.

  • Government to have final say on Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking appeal

    27 November 2015

    Invoking the “recovery” procedure, the UK’s Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government will now make a ruling on the company’s unconventional drilling appeal himself.

  • US mayor ousted following frac sand complaints

    26 November 2015

    Local politics resulted in the mayor of a small Wisconsin town being booted out, after disagreements about openness in dealing with local concerns about frac sand mining.

  • UK to close coal power plants in switch to gas by 2025

    18 November 2015

    The move to phase out unabated coal fired plants by 2025 will make the UK one of the first countries to commit to taking coal out of its power generation system, but the government's focus on nuclear and gas rather than wind and solar has been criticised.

  • Colorado attempts to ease fracking conflicts as protests ripple across US

    17 November 2015

    New rules proposed by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission are proving to be less unifying than anticipated as recent discussions in the state have created further disagreements over fracking regulation.

  • M-I SWACO lodges planning application for UK barite mine

    16 November 2015

    The company’s latest planning application to the local council follows years of environmental studies and public consultation to address the concerns which previously led to the rejects of M-I SWACO’s 1996 application. With the potential for 120,000 tpa barite production, the company hopes to enable to the UK to become self-sufficient in its barite requirements.

  • Price Briefing 6 – 12 November

    13 November 2015

    Weak demand prevails in fluorspar and graphite while lithium prices continue to rise.

  • Fairmount reports $46m loss in Q3 as frac sand demand deteriorates further

    12 November 2015

    With fracking activity showing no sign of rebounding, demand and prices for frac sand and resin-coated proppants deteriorated further over the quarter. However, Fairmount believes that as supply continues to consolidate the company has managed to retain market share.

  • Fairmount proppant technology field trials demonstrate 39% increase in oil production

    09 November 2015

    With oil and gas prices failing to show signs of meaningful recovery, proppant companies such as Fairmount Santrol are continuing to develop new technologies and demonstrate that their products can help to lower costs and improve efficiencies in oil and gas production.

  • US voters support higher oil production while UK fracking policies face criticism

    04 November 2015

    A survey conducted for the API has revealed that a large proportion of voters in the US would support a candidate who pushed for higher oil and natural gas production ahead of the general election in the country next year. The UK government meanwhile has been lambasted by Greenpeace for its fracking policies in protected areas and national parks.

  • UK opposition party leader speaks out against fracking

    02 November 2015

    As the UK government attempts to fast-track fracking developments, opponents of the oil and gas extraction process are speaking out against it including UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Meanwhile, Western Australia is also experiencing anti-fracking protests as a parliamentary enquiry into the process is completed.

  • Unimin launches second frac sand terminal in West Virginia

    02 November 2015

    Proppant supplier Unimin Energy Solutions has opened a second high efficiency unit train capable terminal in the US. Despite recent announcements from leading North American frac sand producers regarding lower sales in the third quarter of the year, Unimin is focusing on customer service and efficiency, which the company says are especially pertinent in the current challenging oil and gas market.

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