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  • Asbury's 'King Carbon' has more to achieve in graphite sector IM May - June 2019

    “I’ve always enjoyed brainstorming ideas with engineers, asking what else we can develop using graphite.” Stephen Riddle, chief executive officer of Asbury Carbons, speaks to Rose Pengelly about his passion for carbon, and why even four decades of experience does not mean you have seen everything in graphite. Read More

  • 2016 Year in Review IM December 2016-January 2017

    A round up of the year's main events in major global industrial minerals markets such as lithium, agriminerals, rare earths and titanium dioxide. Read More

  • India's mining industry: Challenges and potential IM June 2016

    The Indian mining industry is best described as a success story still in the making. Despite holding reserves of 89 different minerals, Shruti Salwan, IM Analyst, examines why growth in the domestic mining industry has been relatively stagnant, failing to reap the benefits of an emerging middle class. Read More

  • Graphene: The good and the great IM April 2016

    The nanocarbon is gradually beginning to appear in consumer products, but as Laura Syrett, Acting Editor and Kasia Patel, North American Editor, discover, there is a tension between getting graphene commercialised quickly into useful but ordinary items and the more time consuming business of realising the material’s game-changing potential. Read More

  • Carbon nanotubes: The next industrial revolution? IM April 2016

    CNTs have the potential to revolutionise electronics, health and even sports equipment and the environment. Frank Hart* takes a look at the industry and examines the relationship of the nanotechnology to graphene and graphite. Read More

  • Graphite: Year in Review 2015 IM January 2016

    A roundup of the year's main events in the global graphite industry. Read More

  • The black parade: Graphite companies continue to put on a show IM December 2015

    Tanking stock values, falling prices and exasperation with the slow growth of new markets are just some of the litany of difficulties facing the graphite sector, whose junior companies were once the pick of the small cap investment world. Laura Syrett, Acting Editor, takes a look at the industry and examines what schools of thought are informing its decisions. Read More

  • Rank and file: Assessing graphite projects on credentials IM July August 2015

    The fervour for graphite exploration shows few signs of letting up, but with more and more companies piling into the industry, despite warnings about the comparative narrowness of the future demand window, judging the quality of projects is tricky. Andrew Scogings, Jason Chesters and Bill Shaw take a look at the field and suggest some parameters for assessing individual developments. Read More

  • AMG Graphite: Bringing Bavarian intelligence to new markets IM July August 2015

    Formerly known as Graphit Kropfmuehl, AMG Graphite traces its graphite mining routes in Bavaria back over 100 years. Laura Syrett, Acting Editor, travelled to the company’s mine in Germany to discover how, following a recent equity injection by Alterna Capital, this seasoned company is moving to build on its already formidable stature as a processor of speciality graphite material, spurred by the prospect of growth in new, high value markets. Read More

  • Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre IM April 2015

    Manchester is looking to lead the UK in its efforts to keep up in the global graphene race. Read More

  • The importance of Manchester’s “Graphene City” IM April 2015

    Graphene has continued to generate a buzz in both research and mining communities over the past year as companies search for that killer application that will bring the nano-material out of laboratories and into the commercial mainstream. Emma Hughes, Special Projects Editor, looks at how Manchester is leading the charge in the UK. Read More

  • Leaving lab status: Graphene’s various routes to industrial application IM April 2015

    The commercialisation of graphene is complicated by the many forms in which it can be obtained as well as its multifarious potential applications. Marko Spasenovic takes a look at the present state of the industry and assesses how the material is progressing from the research market to industrial products. Read More

  • Graphite: Year in Review 2014 IM January 2015

    2014 has been a tumultuous year in graphite markets. While steel demand has edged up, this has not translated into volume or price growth for graphite. Meanwhile, the hype that has surrounded potential growth in the Li-ion battery sector has also failed to deliver short-term demand increases. Read More

  • Talga eyes graphene potential IM December 2014

    Graphene has the potential to cause a high-tech revolution in a number of industries, but the material’s commercial breakthrough has been hindered by the difficulty of producing pristine graphene on a bulk scale. Talga resources claims to have broken this impasse, following metallurgical developments at its Vittangi project. James Sean Dickson, Reporter, visited the company’s site in Sweden to assess its progress. Read More

  • Diary Dates IM October 2014 issue

    Read More

  • Pricing sentiments diverge on downstream outlooks in March IM April 2014 issue

    Barite prices steady but strong on oilfield demand while TiO2 trends downwards in Europe during Q1 Read More

  • The many ways of making graphene IM April 2014 issue

    There are several ways of producing graphene, only some of which make use of natural graphite, a process featured in the November 2013 issue of IM. Marko Spasenovic* discusses some of the other methods for making the carbon wonder material and why some are considered to be better than others. Read More

  • The Great Occasion IM April 2014 issue

    The Industrial Minerals Congress launched 40 years ago, in 1974, and was attended by over 400 delegates from 36 different countries. As we prepare for the 22nd Congress, which will be held in Vancouver this month, IM approached several industry leaders and asked each of them the same five questions to get their perspectives on how the market has changed. Siobhan Lismore-Scott, Editor Read More

  • Diary Dates March 2014 IM March 2014 issue

    Industry Events for the industrial minerals market Read More

  • Scandinavia’s graphene potential IM March 2014 issue

    Scandinavia is known for its iron ore deposits and fossil fuels, but it also holds vast amounts of graphite which could be used to develop a graphene industry in this exciting hub Read More

  • Canada Carbon vein graphite tests show nuclear potential IM March 2014 issue

    Graphite exploration company, Canada Carbon Inc. has reported the first in a series of laboratory results from its vein graphite Miller property, in Quebec, which shows the potential for new material to enter the nuclear industry. Read More

  • Year in Review 2013: Graphite and graphene IM January 2014 issue

    Graphite markets have focused on growing demand and new innovations in graphene, which this year moved closer to commercialisation. Read More

  • Year in Review 2013: Just when we couldn’t sink any further, we did IM January 2014 issue

    It has not been a good year for the industrial minerals industry. There have been some shining lights, of course Ñexploration continues at an astonishing rate in some markets despite falling demand and, consequently, prices - but on the whole producers and suppliers have felt the pinch. Read More

  • Powering ahead: battery minerals face a robust future IM December 2013

    The modern world is powered by lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries in their many guises. It’s hard to imagine life without handheld powertools, rechargeable vacuum cleaners, electric vehicles and personal electronic devices – yet five years ago this space was still burgeoning. But what does the future hold? Read More

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