Graphite features

  • November 2019

    Syrah cuts graphite supply to over-fed Chinese battery market

    01 November 2019

    Delegates at Fastmarkets' Graphite 2019 Conference in Berlin, Germany, in September said reduced volumes from Mozambique may gradually rebalance graphite prices, Davide Ghilotti and Jon Stibbs, write.

  • August 2019

    Synthetic graphite fends off natural competition

    30 August 2019

    Claims that natural graphite is a cheaper alternative to synthetic material are frequently made in the junior mining sector, but downstream users say there is price parity among end-products. Rose Pengelly reports.

  • 'You need a clear vision of your goal, but also a bit of luck'

    30 August 2019

    When Erik Zobec launched Seven Refractories at the height of the eurozone crisis, few would have believed the company would go on to become one of the world’s leading monolithics producers. As Seven approaches 10 years in business, he talks to Ross Davies about its ascent.

  • Brick by brick: Building an international refractory maintenance company

    30 August 2019

    US-based Bricking Solutions has been in the refractories kiln maintenance business for more than 50 years and has been led by managing director Heather Harding since January 2019. She shares her views on the business she runs and the wider refractories industry.

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